Amazon is offering its 3rd-gen Echo Dot smart speaker for $29.99 right now. While it's not as good as the Prime-exclusive offer we saw during Amazon Prime Day, it's the best price around right now and perfect if you missed out last month. This deal is matching a limited-time Best Buy offer so we expect it won't last long. You can also sweeten the deal a bit more by adding a TP-Link smart plug for just $5 more.

Alexa everywhere

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd-generation Alexa-enabled smart speaker

If you missed out on Amazon Prime Day sales or want to add Alexa to more rooms in your home, this is the discount to go for right now.

$29.99 $49.99 $20 off

Compared to the 2nd-gen speaker, the Echo Dot has 70% better audio quality and an improved design. You can pair two of them together for stereo sound, or connect it via Bluetooth (or 3.5mm cable) directly to another speaker that you prefer. With the Echo Dot you can control your smart thermostat, smart plug, and other smart home gear, as well as have measurements converted, find out the local weather, and more. If you're already all-in on Echo hardware, it's totally worth adding Alexa to more rooms in your home with this deal too.

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