This $39 30000mAh portable charger will keep your smartphone powered up for days

The Aukey USB-C 30000mAh portable charger (opens in new tab) is down to $38.99 with code AUPOWER8. This charger has predominantly sold for around $50 since its release earlier this year. Aukey releases a lot of coupon codes, which can be hard to track, but there have not been a lot of direct price drops on this charger ever before.

Aukey's charger comes with two USB ports, including a Quick Charge 3.0 port, in addition to a USB-C port. The 30000mAh charge means it could ideally charge an iPhone 7 nine times before needing to refuel. That's a lot of juice in one device. It can charge a Nintendo Switch while playing, slowly charge a 12-inch MacBook, and it works with Android devices too.

The charger comes with a two-year warranty.

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John Levite
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  • "Charge your smartphone for days with this $39 30000mAh portable charger" You should fire whomever writes your headlines. Nobody wants to spend days charging their smartphone.
  • Its sold out on amazon?
  • I looked on Amazon as soon as this article popped up and it said "currently unavailable" These chargers may be a little slow charging but when you live someplace like Florida with these freaking thunderstorms and hurricanes always possible it's good to have something to charge your phone with, with all the power outages.
  • Is 20,000 mAh still the limit that is allowed on airplanes?
  • I read that as "This $30000 portable charger....."
  • Just found this on Amazon via a different link and it appears to be similar to the above item (search for "AUKey 30000mah power bank" since Android Central won't let me post a helpful link) and it's $5 less than the price listed above. But Amazon Prime shipping to my location which is usually next day or two days isn't until early/mid *NEXT* week - WTLol