OnePlus 5 cases

Even though its newer phones don't offer removable backs like the OnePlus One and 2 did, OnePlus has put a notable amount of time into guaranteeing that you have a set of sleek, simple cases available to protect and personalize its phones. The legacy continues with the OnePlus 5, where OnePlus is launching a set of familiar wooden shells and a thicker bumper case at the same time as the phone.

Here's what you can expect.

The first three cases (simply called a "Protective Case") will be familiar to anyone who has seen the offerings for the OnePlus X or OnePlus 3 and 3T in the past. These super thin shells come in two different wood varieties, a "karbon" faux carbon fiber look, and the trademark "sandstone" finish, giving your OnePlus 5 a little bit of protection and style without adding much bulk.

There are big cutouts on the top, bottom, and sides to give you a "barely there" kind of feel. The cases feel great and look super unique. The sandstone one in particular offers a ton of extra grip in your hand, while the wood varieties are very rigid and thin with a lighter texture.

Then you have the new "Karbon Bumper Case," which took the finish previously offered as an option on the thin shell case and applied it to a more complete bumper option. The Karbon Bumper Case wraps around the entirety of the phone and is a bit thicker, with rubber along the sides and a harder plastic on the back in a cool carbon fiber-like pattern. Overall, it offers further drop protection than the thin shells and provides a lip along the front of the phone so you could put it face-down on a table without scratching the glass.

The sandstone shell case retails for $19.95, while the wood and karbon protective shell cases are $24.95 each, and the karbon bumper case is $29.95. They're available from the OnePlus store.

OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5


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