It's no secret that a lot of us here at Android Central are fans of the Pixel 2, and while Google may not be selling as many phones compared to the likes of Samsung or Apple, the most recent earnings report show that a lot of people are still buying Google's second real attempt at making its own smartphone.

Setting up a new Android phone can sometimes be a tedious process, and while most people would prefer to get through it as fast as possible so they can start downloading their favorite apps and using the phone as they wish, there are a few extra steps you should keep in mind.

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One of our forum users recently reached out to the community to see if there were any tips they should be aware of to get the most out of their Pixel 2 from day one, and these are a few of the top answers.

B. Diddy

Remember that you can go to Settings>Display>Colors to choose between 3 color saturation settings. If you're a big music fan and like to know what's playing around you, go to Settings>Sound>Now Playing and turn on the Show On Lock Screen toggle. I think this is still the case: Google apps preinstalled on the phone won't automatically show that they have updates available in the Play Store....


I have a suggestion for initial OS updates. Boot the device, just do a "dummy" setup without your account linked and do any available OS updates (likely 8.1 and update to the Feb. patch). Once that's done, do a factory reset and do your full setup. This avoids the potential "lag" that some people see with doing an OS update on a configured device, when there is often a factory reset suggested...


Since you now have a Google phone, consider Google's ISP.


Well, first off, pat yourself on the back for getting one of the best Android phones ever! Also, be sure to adjust the sensitivity of the Google Assistant squeeze feature to your liking. Some will like a lighter activation, whereas others will prefer some pressure on the sides to activate it.


With that said, we'd now like to hear from you – What tips do you have for someone new to the Pixel 2?

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