TCL's new Roku TVs come with an enhanced voice remote, Dolby Vision HDR and more

TCL has had some great success with its Roku TVs (opens in new tab), and the company has just announced the 6-series, which is its latest and greatest models. Following in the P6-series footsteps, the 6-series builds upon the successes and makes the new models an even better value. It has the latest versions of the Roku OS built-in, which is even easier to set up, and super simple to use. Additionally, the new sets have the Dolby Access channel, which is a first for TCL TVs. It enables consumers a great way to showcase the performance of Dolby Vision on the TV.

The new Roku TV Voice Remote features enhanced voice control, which now gives you the ability to search for content, switch inputs, tune to a local channel, and even launch a new streaming channel.

You'll be able to order the 6-series as a 55- or 65-inch TV. TCL is accepting pre-orders for both versions, and Amazon has the 65-inch (opens in new tab) pre-order open now. The 55-inch TV will have an introductory price of $649.99 and the 65-inch will be $999.99. TCL has stated that these prices are introductory prices, which means that they will likely go up after the sets begin shipping.

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  • I like my TCL S-series 55" Roku TV. I like it so much I could see myself getting another one (the 6-series) for the Dolby Vision and voice remote features.
  • I 100% agree. I got the 55S401 from Walmart for $350 last August. Best deal around. I read a lot of reviews and this series beat TV's double its price. I love that good tech is getting really cheap. I mean $350 for 55", 4k, HDR. And it has worked perfectly.
  • What's this have to do with Android?
  • What's the deal with all the articles lately leaving out information? Best Buy has the 55" for $599 ($50 cheaper) if you don't want the stupid voice remote. Other than that, same exact TV.
  • has the current P605/607 as the best budget 4k you can get for 55 inches. I absolutely love mine on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Built in Roku is awesome and the subtle changes to the wallpaper is nice.