TCL NXTWEAR G is a portable 140-inch display that sits on your face

Tcl Nxtwear G Wearable Display With Logo
Tcl Nxtwear G Wearable Display With Logo (Image credit: TCL)

What you need to know

  • TCL NXTWEAR G is a smart display disguised as a pair of sunglasses that creates a private 140-inch display for the wearer.
  • TCL's Wearable Display connects to your phone, laptop, or other supported device via USB Type-C cable and doesn't need to be charged.
  • These glasses go on sale in Australia in July, followed by a wider release sometime later this year with a targeted price point of $599 Euros (or thereabouts, depending on the market).

The smart glasses market feels a bit random right now, but TCL is hoping its wearable glasses finally act as an anchor in the space. While some smart glasses, like the Razer Anzu or Fauna Audio focus on delivering music or hands-free calls to a fairly traditional-looking set of spectacles, TCL is going for a completely different angle — one that it hopes will catch the attention of travelers and commuters alike as we get back to moving about the cabin.

While the product name is a bit of a mouthful, the TCL NXTWEAR G — more simply known as the TCL Wearable Display when it was previously shown off at CES this year — packs what appears to be a 140-inch display into a relatively small set of glasses.

While you'd be forgiven for mistaking them for a pair of fit-over sunglasses, you'll probably be singing a very different tune when you're on the other end. These frames are designed for comfort and long-term use, and TCL has crafted them to sit at a comfortable angle on your face, including soft-touch nylon and silica gel surrounding the metal frames.

Tcl Nxtwear G Wearable Display Lifestyle

Source: TCL (Image credit: Source: TCL)

The TCL Wearable Display uses a long USB Type-C cable — attached to the end of the right temple tip — to connect to your phone and extend its display in a rather significant way. Above the traditional-looking lenses are a pair of 1080p Sony Micro OLED screens — one for each eye, of course — that are fully powered by your phone via that USB Type-C connection. That means, unlike most smart glasses, you won't have to charge the TCL NXTWEAR G, helping to avoid frustration when you just want to get away from wherever you might be.

While wearing the glasses, your eyes will perceive the two separate displays as one giant 140-inch screen, which is only visible to you. That's particularly fantastic for folks that have long commutes, are taking a long flight somewhere, or just want a bit more privacy during their daily compute.

TCL cites compatibility with over 100 of the best smartphones, laptops, and hybrid devices. In addition to never needing to be charged, these smart glasses don't need any special app to work either. Just plug and watch.

The TCL NXTWEAR G will be available in Australia this July, followed by a wider release later this year.

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