Take your gaming to the next level and save $500 on this 55-inch Samsung QLED TV

Samsung Qn85a Lifestyle
Samsung Qn85a Lifestyle (Image credit: Samsung)

Along with LG and Sony, Samsung makes some of the best TVs for PS5. Its QN85A QLED model is $500 off ahead of Black Friday, making for an excellent deal shortly before the holiday shopping season. Going from originally $1,600 down to just $1,100, the QN85A delivers stunning 4K resolution and Quantum HDR at a fraction of its price.

If you're concerned about whether QLED or OLED is better for gaming, it's all a matter of personal preference. While OLED delivers deeper blacks for higher contrast, QLED images tend to be brighter overall. PS5 games will look amazing regardless, so don't feel like you need to break the bank on a more expensive model.

Save $500 on this Samsung television

This is one of the best early Black Friday PS5 TV deals we've seen thanks to this outrageous discount. The Samsung QN85A is a fantastic fit for your PS5 and of course comes with a 120hz display. Mini LED technology allows super detailed brightness and dimming in more precise locations and you're less likely to get image burn-in than with some OLED TVs if you play games with a lot of static elements on-screen.

Samsung's QN85A model comes in four different sizes, ranging from 55 inches all the way to 85 inches. (The 85" model is currently $1,500 off, but you'll still be paying a whopping $3,000 if you want it). With a Neo Quantum Processor 4K, it utilizes advanced AI based deep-learning to analyze scenes and deliver the best image possible. And with a 120Hz screen, you'll see all of your games' action crystal clear.

And you don't need a headset like the Arctis 7P to take advantage of the PS5's 3D audio. The QN85A supports 3D audio from dedicated speakers.

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