Take 30% off the LectroFan white noise sound machine and improve your sleep

Lectrofan White White Noise Machine
Lectrofan White White Noise Machine

The Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan white noise sound machine is down to $32.16 when you clip the 30% off on-page coupon. This coupon only applies to the white version. The black version is still discounted to a fairly low price of just $35.21. It's not quite as low but a good discount nonetheless. The white noise machine normally sells for around $45 and often goes as high as $50. The price drop on the white machine is around the lowest we have ever seen it go and about $4 better than the last deal we shared.

The LectroFan provides ten fan sounds and ten ambient noises, including things like White noise and Pink noise and Brown noise. Block a disruptive environment. The solid-state design is powered by AC or USB and creates non-repeating sounds.

White noise machines are so good if you're like me and have trouble falling asleep. Does every little sound keep you up? Do you wish you could drown out your own thoughts, popping up with all those moments of regret from 20 years ago that you'd otherwise forgotten about just long enough to keep you from closing your eyes? They're also very handy for children, who can often be soothed to sleep by the random sounds. I'm not really sure why that works, but our son definitely used one for a few months. Now his rage puts him to sleep just fine.

The LectroFan Classic has ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, including white, pink, and brown noise. These are unique sounds that never repeat, which is important because repeating noises tend to pull your focus as much as anything else. The non-repeating sound means your mind can't really fixate on a pattern and you drift off easily. You can use the noise to drown out disruptive environmental sounds like cars driving by, dogs barking, and other things.

The machine includes precise volume controls. It can also be powered by both AC and USB. Because of its portable design and the fact that you could power it from a USB port on your laptop, the LectroFan is great for traveling, too. If its hotel rooms that keep you up, this machine can solve that problem.

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