This is not a drill! Get the best Samsung tablet, a free storage upgrade, and a free $100 gift card for cheaper than ever

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I've spent the better part of the past year trying to figure out if there was really a competitor to the iPad Pro. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the answer has been right under my nose the whole time. And just in time for Black Friday, there's an absolutely insane deal on the Galaxy Tab S9+.

This revelation might come as a bit of a surprise, and understandably so given how much I do love the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. However, something I've learned is that while the 14.6-inch Ultra display is gorgeous and helps my aging site, it's just not exactly practical.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+: $1,129$999.99 at Amazon w/ free $100 Amazon Gift Card and 512GB of storage

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+: $1,129 $999.99 at Amazon w/ free $100 Amazon Gift Card and 512GB of storage

Not only are you getting an upgrade to 512GB of storage, but Amazon is even throwing in a free $100 Amazon gift card. And you get all of this without needing to blow all of your Black Friday budget.

It's not that much of a problem if I'm just working from home and have the Tab S9 Ultra set up as a tertiary monitor for my desktop PC. But as soon as I want to grab my bag and go somewhere, it's practically impossible to find a coffee shop with a tablet large enough for a laptop and tablet. 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab S9+ is a bit more svelte with its 12.4-inch display, while still giving me the great Super AMOLED panel and 120Hz refresh rate. And with that $100 Amazon gift card, I'm going to grab a suitable keyboard case, and might just try to see if this can actually replace my laptop. 

Making things even better is the fact that Samsung has already started rolling out the One UI 6 update, which is based on Android 14. So I'll be able to take my new tablet out of the box and update to the latest version of Android without worrying about when I'll actually be able to enjoy those new features.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    How is that going to help me put shelves up?
  • Joshua Luther1
    Imagine what kind of laptop you can buy for $1000. No way I'd pay this much for a tablet that can't do half of what a laptop can do.