Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus cases 2024

Samsung's middle child offers a blend of uber-premium features and a somewhat digestible price. The Galaxy Tab S9 Plus has a delightful 12.4-inch AMOLED display that's not as small as the Tab S9 but not as gigantic as the Tab S9 Ultra. This medium-sized tablet is suitable for both work and entertainment, and it's waterproof, too. However, you still need extra layers of protection to maintain it.

A smart and cost-effective solution is to simply purchase one of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus cases. Well-designed Tab S9+ cases are reinforced to absorb shock and minimize possible damage to your Samsung tablet. Some have S Pen holders and stands while others only have built-in stands. Here are all of the best cases that have such features and are made to last.

Top notch cases for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

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You need the best protective cases for your Tab S9+

Your Android tablet is incomplete without a durable and practical case, preferably one that comes with a stand to prop it up. Just like the flagship Samsung tablet itself, the best Galaxy Tab S9 Plus cases aren't very cheap. If you're willing to make some compromises, you can certainly find something sturdy at a reasonable price.

In terms of specs alone, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Book Cover Keyboard Slim from the Korean tech giant itself is the best pick. It's expensive, but it gives you a proper keyboard, a kickstand, and a place to store your S Pen. There aren't any other colors to choose from, which is a bummer for a case that costs this much.

If you don't want a keyboard and need something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, there's the Miimall Trifold Case for the Tab S9 Plus. You can choose from plenty of colors, the build quality is decent, and you get a folio cover that folds to act as a stand. There's an S Pen slot and you get good drop protection for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus.

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