iFixit has Google Pixel Tablet parts for at-home repair

Android 13 clock on Pixel Tablet
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What you need to know

  • iFixit started listing genuine Google parts for those looking to fix some Pixel Tablet damages.
  • The most expensive parts are the tablet's 10.9-inch display ($206) and its rear panel ($199) as it offers several additional parts for replacement.
  • iFixit has not listed more crucial internal component pieces, though it has listed several guides to walk DIY warriors through the replacement process.

Google and iFixit's continued efforts for at-home repair see the latter picking up parts for the brand's latest tablet.

iFixit has started listing several pieces consumers can purchase for a variety of unfortunate situations that could befall their Pixel Tablet, according to 9to5Google. Among the most expensive pieces to purchase is the device's 10.9-inch display, which includes its 8MP front-facing selfie camera for $206. Consumers will have to chuck up some additional coin if the Pixel Tablet's rear panel comes under fire, as well.

The porcelain rear panel is listed for $199, but the price is inflated due to the components it contains. iFixit is offering three microphones, the necessary antennas, a power button, and volume controls with the panel.

A genuine 7,020mAh battery for the tablet will cost $59, while the rear 8MP camera is up for $24. The four speakers featured on the Pixel Tablet can be purchased for $24 each in case the original ones are damaged.

Google and iFixit solidified a joint effort to bring genuine replacement parts for several of the company's devices back in 2022. Not only did that mean iFixit would serve replacement parts for Google's entire Pixel lineup at the time, but the company has recently welcomed Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a parts, too.

Much like with the Pixel 7a, iFixit is not offering some of the more crucial or truly game-breaking internal pieces for the Pixel Tablet. The DIY company has extended its reach by offering adhesives, a replaceable USB-C port, and a screen cable for the tablet, though. So, if something more serious does happen to the Pixel Tablet, consumers might have to contact Google directly.

At-home repair, especially for complicated devices, is always a little scary. iFixit has offered several guides for DIY repair if folks are looking to get the job done themselves in a couple of hours — or more. The tablet's repair page lists guides for replacing the battery, screen, enclosure, speakers, rear camera, and USB-C port.

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