Pixel Fold repair parts will be available through iFixit

The Obsidian Google Pixel Fold closed
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What you need to know

  • Google will have official Pixel Fold parts available through iFixit.
  • The company assures Pixel Fold owners that they can take advantage of out-of-warranty walk-in or mail-in repairs.
  • Google is also offering an extended warranty that covers any damages after the warranty period ends.
  • Google offers other official Pixel parts through iFixit for older devices.

Now that the Pixel Fold is officially on sale, Google has detailed its repair options for the device in case something were to happen to your nearly $2000 foldable.

The company recently began offering official Pixel parts through iFixit, starting with devices like the Pixel 6. The company confirmed in a statement with Android Central that it plans to expand this program to the Pixel Fold, offering official parts, tools, and guides for anyone brave enough to attempt repairing the foldable themselves.

This will include parts such as batteries, charging assemblies, and, most importantly, the displays.

Google is notably the first to offer this type of self-repair option for a foldable phone, something that Samsung has seemingly been reluctant to do with its Z Flip and Z Fold lineup. That's likely due to the complexities involved with foldable phones, which we imagine would make it very difficult to repair.

Still, it's great that Google is at least giving users the option to do so in case they may not want to pay for repairs done by Google.

Google notes that it offers walk-in and mail-in repair services for out-of-warranty Pixel Fold repairs. The company also has an extended warranty option that covers the phone for damages after the regular warranty period has ended. This means owners will pay a deductible to repair or replace the device. Owners can select a monthly or one-time payment for this option.

Starting at $1800, the Pixel Fold is not a cheap phone, so it might be in your best interest to take advantage of the extended warranty option if you don't feel like self-repair would be in your favor. And, of course, we definitely recommend picking up a Pixel Fold case to protect the device from falls and other physical trauma.

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