iFixit picks up Pixel 7a parts for DIY home repair

The back of the black Google Pixel 7a on a chess board
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What you need to know

  • iFixit picks up several "genuine" Pixel 7a parts consumers can purchase for at-home DIY repair.
  • The brand lists replacement rear panels, displays, and adhesive but does not show any important internal components.
  • A recent rumor suggests Google could enter a partnership with Best Buy for in-store repairs of its phones, possibly as soon as "next month."

Good news for DIY fixers, as iFixit has obtained genuine parts for Google's latest budget Android phone. iFixit has listed several different parts consumers can order from the company to fix up their Pixel 7a devices at home at a lower cost (via The Verge). Consumers can purchase the Pixel 7a's front 6.1-inch glass digitizer screen for $109 alongside a "lifetime guarantee" warranty.

The screen's adhesive can be purchased for $3.99, a rear cover replacement for $44.99, and a placement battery for $39.99.

iFixit is also offering wide and ultrawide cameras for the Pixel 7a in case there are focusing problems, scratches, or blank images upon photo capture.

The company hasn't shown signs of offering many of the other, perhaps significantly more important, internal parts for the Pixel 7a. The listings go as far as to display a replacement mmWave adhesive and thermal conductive pad. If something more substantial happens to your Pixel 7a, you'll most likely have to take it into a proper shop or look for a complete re-purchase.

Google announced its partnership with iFixit during the spring of 2022 — a welcome move for those looking to save a bit of coin on device fixes. This not only brought in a slew of previous Pixels but, most recently, welcomed in the Pixel Fold back in June.

While the company's first foldable looks like it would be quite an arduous at-home repair job, the Pixel 7a might take it easy on the nerves. During the device's teardown video, PBK bestowed a "fair" score to the Pixel 7a on its repairability scale. Users would just have to get through all the copper sheeting and the many screws in order to do anything.

Furthermore, a circling rumor suggests Google is prepping a possible new device repair partnership with Best Buy. The brand would join the likes of Samsung and Apple with repairs conducted in-store by Geek Squad.

Rumors suggest this could happen as soon as "next month" and would include the likes of the Pixel 7a and the Pixel 7 Pro.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    AC News said:
    iFixit, a Google partner, has started listing several Pixel 7a parts consumers can purchase for at-home repair.

    iFixit picks up Pixel 7a parts for DIY home repair : Read more
    Very nice !

    When you say they picked them up, do you mean they followed around Pixel 7 owners picking up the parts as their shoddily constructed phones shed them?