Pixel Fold teardown shows how difficult self-repair would be

The Obsidian Google Pixel Fold closed
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What you need to know

  • A teardown of the Pixel Fold gives viewers a good look at the device's dual battery setup behind the front and rear panels.
  • Removal of the foldable screen proves difficult as users run the risk of damaging or breaking it.
  • Other, smaller parts will offer an added level of difficulty to its repair.
  • Google does provide an iFixit kit for its $1,800 Pixel Fold if users are brave enough to take on the task.

Google's first book-folding device shows up for its teardown appointment which shows off areas users may struggle with during self-repair.

The in-depth teardown video was uploaded by PBKreviews, showcasing the innards of the Google Pixel Fold. To start, PBK removes the SIM card tray before applying heat to both the back panel and display to loosen the adhesive. Once off, PBK gives us a clear look at the device's dual-battery setup. Beneath the external screen is a 3,332mAh Li-ion battery while the rear panel hosts a 1,489mAh battery.

Several screws and covers are removed before PBK can remove either of the batteries within the Pixel Fold. They mention that Google provides pull tabs to easily remove the batteries, however, alcohol is used to remove the first one over concerns that the tab might tear.

Removal of the Fold's main board showcases its large copper cooling plate and an internal look at the triple camera array. PBK demonstrates the wiggle both the 48MP main lens and the 10.8MP telephoto lens have due to the inclusion of OIS (optical image stabilization).

PBK notes that disassembling the Fold is required if you're looking to remove the device's display. Though, this task is daunting and consumers run the risk of damaging or breaking the display as they apply heat on a couple of layers to replace it.

This teardown video comes right on the heels of the Pixel Fold's brutal durability test. Google's first foldable didn't fare well as JerryRigEverything but it to the critical bend test — which the device failed horribly at.

Furthermore, a teardown video like this gives consumers a good early impression of self-repair if they were to grab a Pixel Fold kit through iFixit. The kit will include batteries, charging assemblies, and new displays in case something has happened. Users should remember the Fold's $1,800 price tag when considering self-repair if anything happens (grab its warranty, just in case).

You can watch PBKreviews' full teardown of the Pixel Fold and just how the device is rated from a repairability standpoint. The device faired better when it came to replacing parts but, unfortunately, users may struggle with other, smaller components.

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