T-Mobile's Galaxy S III to cost $arm.leg

Pricing for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III has been leaked out, and it matches pretty well with previous rumors (and fears) -- expensive. The 16 GB version is shown above (we're almost afraid to see a 32 GB version) and it's going to cost either $230 bucks up front and $20 monthly on the Value Plan, or $280 after a $50 mail-in rebate on the Classic Plan. If you're willing to extend your equipment-free contract, you can snag it for $450 after rebate with an early upgrade.

If all those plans confuse the hell out of you (it's OK, they confuse everyone), you can just buy it outright for $630. That's a lot of folding money for a phone that is carrier locked and possibly won't have world-wide 3G bands. Sometimes, the best things in life are not always free.

Source: Engadget

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  • This is such a bad move for them. Anyone that is out of contract and wanted this phone will surely go to the competition now. Keep in mind this is much more than the other carriers are selling for and it is NOT LTE capable. Fail.
  • Hey Tmobile...that's your nose you just cut off to spite your face. Brain dead monkey fuckers... Jack
  • Listen If I have to pay an extra 80 so be it. I am not giving up my monthly plan to jump to something thats almost double with verizon or att. In the end, T-Mobile still is and always will be the better value out of the top 4.
  • With Tmobile's new contract services you will still pay the entire price of the phones, its just the contract let's you finance about half. Year 1= finance principal
    Year 2= finance charges *If you use Tmobile just buy your phone outright. This way you don't give away your hard earned money to finance charges the second year of your contract. (And wait, when you buy outright you don't need a contract.) *
  • Wait a minute. This can't be true. A company other than Verizon trying to maximize profit?
  • There is maximizing and then there is flat out over pricing. Take a guess which this is.
  • It's only over priced if people don't buy it to their projections. Apparently, they feel that this price is going to allow that to happen. Same with Verizon and the new plans.
  • It's only over priced if people don't buy it to their projections. Apparently, they feel that this price is going to allow that to happen. Same with Verizon and the new plans.
  • What if any negatives would buying the international S3 HPSA version and using it on TMo cause? Do I understand the post correctly in that the international version would be more flexible on other networks outside of the US?
  • The phone does have the 850 and 1900 radios. I checked out the speck sheet.
  • Actually overpriced in my mind would be pricing it higher than the competition with less features or lower specs.
  • Its overpriced! All carriers are selling a smiliar device and T-Mobile opts to sell theirs higher. That's simply overpricing. Also note that in 2013 TMobile will have LTE this device does not have LTE bands so that means come 2013 if you want LTE you'll need to buy another device thus costing you more.
  • I'm glad all you dopes are so upset over the extra $30 freakin dollars you have to pay upfront.....hopefully the lines wont be as long tomorrow :)
  • exactly. "OMG they're charging +$30 more than anyone else!" yea, but you'll save about $200 over the next 2 years on service and data for the average user. Who is cutting who's nose off?
    TMO's shop is 3 blocks from my office on Market St. in SF. Probably getting mine and the wife's at lunchtime. No work getting done tomorrow afternoon!
  • an extra $20 every month to have this thing? how are you saving?! i have unlimited unthrottled everything for $80 a month with sprint. not sure why you think your deal is so great. this is borderline price gouging.
  • Unless you live in a 4g area, you are getting shafted. From my experience, sprint's "3g" is worse than tmobile's edge.
  • Fortunately I couldn't care less! I don't have pockets large enough to carry that ugly thing in! And for 630 bucks I'd rather get me a nice rifle or an airplane ticket to Europe! LOL
  • Maybe the best things in life just aren't at T-Mobile.
  • Actually it's $80 more...
  • Posts like this are misleading because they focus only on the upfront cost, not the monthly fee. With a value plan on T-Mobile, you can get 500 minutes talk + unlimited texts + 2 GB of fast data for $50 per month. If you want the Galaxy S3, you'll also pay $20 per month for the first 20 months for the phone. That's $70 per month, much cheaper than you'd pay on AT&T or Verizon. If T-Mobile has good coverage where you live (and that's a big if), that looks like a good deal, even if you pay $30 extra up front. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the pricing on T-Mobile's plans. But if you're going to do a story like this, you've got to tell the whole story about the costs before you complain that T-Mobile is overpriced.
  • @dan la la
    You say $20 times 20 months is not overcharging?
    $329 up front. $400 over the next 20 months. I thought buying outright only cost $630 and you're free to leave when you want.
    How am l saving if a Tmobile contract makes me pay $730 and I'm stuck with their service for 2 years?
  • Maybe I'm misreading, but I think it's $229 + 20 * $20, which is exactly $629. If you can afford to spend $629 upfront, I agree it's better, especially if this is a pentaband phone that can also get 3G coverage with AT&T (not sure if that's true). I'm all for buying a phone outright and going prepaid. My point was that if you're going to go for a contract, T-Mobile is not any more expensive than the other major networks.
  • I have been reading Android Central for a while now, and really appreciate the outstanding work they do. However after reading this article, it appears to be misleading in the least and a disservice to the readers at the worst. I know folks use their phones in a variety of ways, but you cant take the phone without the service. We switched from a contract subsidised phone on T-mobile a while back. Now I don't get the "upgrade" price on the phone, but have a much lower monthly bill that fits how we use our phones. This may not work out for everyone, but saved us some scratch in our household. Here is how the money would break down for us for 2 new SGS3s Verizon
    Phones $398 ($199 * 2)
    Plan $5040 ($120 unlimited talk, $30 unlimited text, $30 2GB shared data for 24 months)
    Total $5438 T-Mobile
    Phones $1260 (630 * 2)
    Plan $2640 (Our current plan, Unlimited talk, Unlimited text, 2GB data per phone for 24 month)
    Total $3900 2 year difference over required contract for Verizon phone $1538. So you cant always look at the phone price separate from the service you have to get to use it. Just thought it was an incomplete picture from guys who otherwise do some damn good work.
  • You are one of the "smart customers" that understand T-Mobile pricing structure. It's true that overall T-Mobile is cheaper however, most people will only look at the initial purchase price. In this case they say T-Mobile as being expensive. Also, did you realize that for out of contract T-Mobile is still higher?
  • verizons new pricing structure is not that much. its $50 for 2gb of data plus $40 for a smartphone with unlimited talk and text.
    $199(sgs3)+$90 for 24 months(excluding tax) $2359 for 2 phones with 4gb shared data (double) it $3600+$398
    $3998 plus its lte.
  • somehow verizon is behind this.....
  • You don't have to purchase the phone through Tmobile. You could go to Walmart or Sam's Club and get it a lot cheaper than buying direct from Tmobile. That is what I did with my One S and it was $50 cheaper.
  • Sam's club has them for 148.00 at brick and mortar stores. Just got mine today with the 2 year upgrade available via T-Mobile. About 100 less than T-Mobile retail stores charge.Love it!