T-Mobile USA announces the Samsung Galaxy S III

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III with dual-core ​Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and HSPA+42 connectivity, coming June 21

We already knew it, but T-Mobile USA has officially confirmed that it'll be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S III from June 21. Like the other U.S. versions of Samsung's new flagship phone, T-Mobile's Galaxy S III is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. And it'll run on T-Mo's "4G" HSPA+42 network, allowing for faster data speeds than the international version, which tops out at 21Mbps.

T-Mobile will sell the Galaxy S III in pebble blue and marble white, just like the other U.S. carriers, and it'll offer the phone with 16 and 32GB of internal storage, in addition to that microSD card slot. Other specs are identical to the international version -- a 4.8-inch HD SuperAMOLED screen, 1.9MP front-facing camera, 8MP rear shooter and 2100mAh battery. (And TouchWiz-topped ICS, of course)

The network says it'll begin selling the Galaxy S III from June 21, and there's a sign-up page where prospective customers can leave their details. No word on any pre-order date just yet.

Check past the break for today's full press release from T-Mobile.

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  • Well that was fast. LOL
  • What say you ATT?
  • ATT usually releases their phones on the first or 3rd sunday of the month. So it's either a June 17th release or a July 1st.
  • are they really honestly finally doing the smartest thing apple does and make all their devices the same same shape/look on all carriers? that would greatly increase people being able to identify their product in other peoples hands. you say iphone and everyone knows what it looks like. you say galaxy and then its confusing. you talking about the skyrocket? hercules? epic? OG GSII?
  • I like the idea of having a choice myself. Some people fear such decisions.
  • 2GB of RAM???
  • In consolation of the US getting the Snapdragon instead of the Exynos Quad Core.
  • lucky us then, thx for the response as well :)
  • I might just get the 32 gb version then add a micro sd and this can certainly replace my ipod. :p
  • how much?
  • $199 which I think is a great price considering I got a Vibrant for that same price when it released so for a phone that's 3x faster, has more memory and features, 199 I'll pay any day to replace my Vibrant.
  • Trying to decide if i'll go with T mobile or Sprint.
  • Wow,everything I wanted:
    - 720p screen
    - SD card slot
    - removable battery
    - Gorilla glass
    - ICS HTC One X could've competed if it had the memory slot and removable battery, but they chose not to for some reason. I guess it's moot since T-Mo doesn't carry the One X anyway.
  • Guess I will say it since no one else has that I can see. So T had that chance to really stand out grab some customers from other carriers by having the quadcore version and rock a seriously awesome handset. But nope they chose to clone everyone's else. We don't have LTE and frankly HSPA has a long way to go before T would need to switch to something else. By that time frame 2014 I think there saying LTE will be replaced with something else as well. All the while our HSPA network has long upgrade path before something else is needed. So we get a phone just like everyone else.All of the power phones from here on out will be quadcore by the end of the year so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they blew it. Just like they always do. Way to go T way to go. I'm sure you guys will flame me for saying so but tell me when a carrier has had such an easy way to stand out? WE are T-mobile and we have the quadcore version!!! The marketing ideas could have been endless.
  • Your mistake is that T-Mobile didn't "have the chance" to do anything. Samsung is big enough now and has enough leverage to sell 1 version of the phone to the carriers. They don't want to make 4 versions of the same phone. Just like Apple sells 1 iPhone, Samsung wants to sell "The Galaxy S3". Consistent device means consistent branding. This is a good thing, the carriers need to be put in their place. Secondly, I'm not sure why you're so hung up on quad-core. The snapdragon S4 is an absolute beast and I don't believe there's a single game or app available that can possibly take advantage of 4 cores. Heck, I have the Galaxy S2 and I have yet to play a game that makes that thing break a sweat. Quad cores are complete hype right now and offer no advantage. (unless you consider draining your battery faster a good thing..)
  • I here ya I just can't see Samsung not turning down a request to sell the quadcore version. Per your reference of the S2 there's a big difference between our version as you know on T and the International version. The difference here is there are only two versions, dual or quadcore. The reason for quadcore version is marketing. As I explained before it would have given them the chance to stand out from the rest of the pack. Tell me one reason a VZW custmore would switch to T-mobile when he can get the same phone? He's not etc. As far as not being able to use those cores that's really not the case. Your thinking single line "the Apple way". Quadcore comes in when your running many programs at once. If you have 8 or so open which is easy to do these days between say " news reader, gmail, I m client , email client, live wallpaper , web browser, " list goes on and on. all of those programs bid for cpu time. The more you have open the more those dualcores are going to be tasked which ends up with using higher cpu time and heat vs quadcore where those programs can be more easily managed. Anyway its mute at this point T-mobile missed their chance to stand out and grab a fair amount of customers if they marketed correctly. A lot of the Android power users would have come over. Anyway they chose different. Casperi
  • I think the reason the US carriers are getting the Snapdragon instead of the Exynos quad-core is because the Exynos doesn't support LTE. As for performance, if you look a the benchmarks on the Tegra 3 vs the Snapdragon it's awfully close. In fact the S4 edges the Tegra out in many categories. And most importantly, it gets better battery life. Again, there's just nothing in Android right now that requires 4 cores. The current dual-core devices just scream and can do some impressive gaming as well. Also, even if the T-mobile version were to have the quad-core it's hardly going to make a bunch of people jump ship from other carriers. Sure some of the geeks like us might, but the general public doesn't know or care how many cores it has.
  • Well, I've been with VZW since PrimeCo, and we're switching. I don't travel for business much anymore and to have 3 new 4G phones on T-Mo will be over $50/mth LESS than VZW for the plans I've been quoted for. I'm tired of VZW cutting perks and raising rates for every little thing. Plus I detest the bloat they cram into these phone that 'WE' buy.
  • Casperi, what you should consider is looking at it from a business stand point of why Samsung does what they do. Think about it. Why would Samsung launch the absolute beast when the i5 hasn't even launched yet? It's all strategic...I'm sure Samsung has their arsenal right to demolish the i5 when it releases. BTW the Dual 1.5GHz S4 is more than enough ...all the quad core hype doesn't mean anything right now because there's really no use for it. Either way, quad core or not, the SIII is no gimmick like the i4S when it launched. SIII is a significant upgrade from its predecessor.
  • Your exactly right on LTE point again as I said before T-Mobile doesn't have LTE nore a need for it. Yet their going to waste 2 of the 4 billion they got from the att failure to switch LTE. Problem is that's two years down the road or 16 months the soonest. I could go on and about hspa vs LTE but this is about the S3. Go back two posts up read. the dual core vs quadcore it does make a difference. Maybe not in bench marked as much cause the program isn't simulating 10 programs open at once its only SIM one program open 4 times. They could have had grabbed a bunch of people its all in art of marketing. As far as shrugging off "geeks" I would give my left nut if I was a telco to get them theres alot more geeks that's have androids than any phone os .
  • I agree with you completely. Not having the LTE restriction to dual core was a perfect opportunity to grab some headlines with the first US phone with quad core and 2 GB ram. The press, headlines, discussions, etc. would have been priceless for TMO. But as has been pointed out Samsung probably had the finally call, but you would hope TMO did at least pursue the opportunity and not just roll over.