T-Mobile Unlimited Plans may get tethering bundled starting Wednesday

In a screenshot recently obtained by TmoNews, it appears T-Mobile may be doing further restructuring of its post-paid plans. If true, unlimited data for both the Value and Classic plans will come pre-bundled with various tethering options starting on Wednesday. Basically, instead of buying unlimited data and a separate tethering bucket, subscribers will buy unlimited data with 500MB, 2.5GB, or 4.5GB of included tethering.

Currently, 500MB of tethering is already included with unlimited data. Instead of subscribers getting a $10 add-on for 2.5GB of tethering with their $20 unlimited data plan, the same plan will start at $30 and include tethering. For $40 a month, there is also a 4.5GB tethering option. Classic Plans will get the same changes: a $30 base plan with 500MB of tethering, a $40 plan with 2.5GB of tethering, and a $50 plan with 4.5GB of tethering.

It makes sense to see further simplification of T-Mobile's plans, making customer choices easier and less confusing (and in some cases cheaper). We'll be waiting for the official announcement in the coming days to see if these changes pan out.

Source: TmoNews

  • Gah... Makes me want to switch from AT&T today, but I have to put up with them for another year.
  • I made the switch yesterday for the HTC ONE. I could not put up with ATT anymore. Over priced for no reason.
  • I tried, I really did. But their coverage is a little 'iffy' to say the least.
  • Gosh that scared the heck out of me, I mistakenly
    read the word "tethering" for throttling,...yiKes!!!
  • So am I reading this right? Value plan is $10
    cheaper for the 4.5GB tethering than the Classic?
    Just wanna make sure I'm reading it correctly. Gosh, why 4.5, instead of 5gigs even?
  • "Classic" plans are the old on-contract legacy plans that some retailers still sell. They're the ones with subsidized handsets that cost more every month. It's 4.5GB because 500MB is "included" at the base level, and you're moving up in 2GB increments... .5, 2.5, 4.5GB
  • Probably the only thing I would use tethering for
    would be porn, bigger screen on the laptop lol.
    Hmm, 2.5gigs, or 4.5gigs for porn???. . . Everything else, S4's screen is just fine for "regular" web browsing .
  • Tmobile where mega deals exist. Verizon can't touch this.
  • If I went to T Mobile right now and got me and my wife on a unlimited plan it would cost $120. Then add the 4.5GB of tethering for each line that is $40 each for a total of $200. Right now on Verizon with both have unlimited everything including data and I tether for free unlimited. Total right now for use (not including taxes etc.. Just like they are not included above) is $156. So right now I'm paying $44 cheaper with unlimited everything and better service in my area. If I was new to a mobile phone and then have unlimited service at Verizon then it would be worth a look.
  • If T-Mobile markets themselves properly, there's a
    lot of potential to steal customers like crazy from
    The big two ,. . .if they market themselves properly that is!
  • I think the speed still drops. If a plan has traffic shaping/throttling, it isn't really "unlimited".
  • The 70 dollar plan is truly unlimited, right?
  • Yes. I'm currently at 5.3 gigs on that plan.
  • If you pay for the unlimited plan, it's actually completely unlimited.
  • If you get throttled after a certain usage amount, then its not truly unlimited.
  • What part of if you pay for the unlimited plan you get unthrottled unlimited data do you not get?
  • The $70 plan IS unlimited in all ways. That's sort of the point of it not listing a specific amount of data, like the cheaper plans do.
  • All these changes all the time are so confusing
  • I'm on the unlimited plan and it definitely states "Unlimited Nationwide 4G data on T-Mobile's network." That's either HSPA+ or LTE, whichever is available. It's in the description when I login for my account, which matches what two people in the store told me on two separate visits. I'm not sure where you're getting your info from.
  • Wow. T-Mobile is starting to speak my language. Magenta is looking better than Red right about now.
  • Looking better than Red, Blue, and Yellow!
  • These new plans are confusing as hell. Someone want to help me out?
    I currently pay 97 total for everything each month, 59.99 for voice, text and 30 for data/ teathering thats UL voice, text and 5 gigs of data with tethering. Is this somehow cheaper? Im free and clear on phone so I dont owe anything or make payments. Contract ended back in February. Thanks.
  • Sounds like you ought to go back into a store and figure out if your pricing is a continuation of your contract price ("classic pricing"). Under the current plan you should be paying $70 for unlimited 4G data and 500MB tethering. If you wanted 2.5GB of tethering on the unlimited plan, you'd pay a total of $80/month (still less than your current bill).
  • Hmm... I currently have the Note II on Sprint. When the Note III comes out, I'll take another peep at T-Mobile's plans.
  • Just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon. My One should be here tomorrow. So happy I will be back on unlimited data for a lower price.
  • I was so excited about the T-Mobile plans until I tried one of their Sims in an old AT&T iPhone. They might be viable in bigger cities but in Columbia, MO they don't have enough coverage. But I am loving my new HTC One on AT&T as long as I don't think about my monthly bill.
  • Keep in mind that the iPhone only has the 1900 MHz PCS band. Other T-Mobile phones have 3G on the 1700 MHz band. They are still reframing their network. So, I wouldn't lose hope yet. ;)
  • MidMoMonkey, to make a fair data speed / coverage comparison you need to get a TMO branded phone.
    As another posted stated your not getting full coverage by using an ATT unlocked device. The majority of TMOs back bone network is set up on 1700mhz aws spectrum, and most if not all ATT phones dont support it. TMO a while back started to re-farm spectrum in the 1900mhz pcs spectrum to accomidate ATT unlocked devices. But its far from the amount of spectrum and coverage that the 1700mhz has.. So buy a used GS2 or One S off ebay or amazon or craigs list, or find someone with TMO and check out there speeds and coverage. THEN make a decision.
    Im in Dallas, and have a few TMO phones, and wanted to compare coverage with the ONE X+ and i too was not very happy with speeds or coverage compared to what i have been getting on a TMO phone.
  • One correction to your reply: That may be true for 3G and 4G coverage. However, the AT&T phone is going to be able to connect to GSM or EDGE on the same frequencies as the T-Mobile phone. Having the 1700 spectrum is not suddenly going to make you have coverage where there is none. A better test would be to go purchase a disposable T-Mobile prepaid phone at Walmart (or even a StraightTalk phone). If that phone has coverage, then so will the more expensive ones.
  • When I switch carries a few weeks ago, T-Mobile screwed up my order really badly. To compensate, they let me in on this plan early. Opted for the 4.5GB tethering with unlimited data. Seriously, I'm not sure where this can be beat. Couple that with my Galaxy Note 2 and I'm one happy, T-Mobile using, camper. Just keep in mind that the tethering is a hard cap; meaning once you go over, you have to wait for your cycle to end to for it to reset. Cheers!
  • Reality check. This is exactly how the T-Mobile plans already work. They're just marketing it differently for the math-impaired. 1) Go to T-Mo and select an individual plan with unlimited data. Before doing anything else, click the "View Plan Details" button at the bottom. You'll see the data plan listed as "Unlimited Value" for $20. In the left column, you'll see 500MB of hotspot data included. Add that to your cart. 2) Pick any data capable phone and add it to your cart. 3) Now you're on the "Choose Services" page. Scroll down and click on "Hot Spot". If you want to add an extra 2GB or 4GB, click the correct button and add it for $10/2GB. If you want even more tethering, you just need to call T-Mo and tell them how much you want. You can buy whatever you want at a rate of $10/2GB. This has been the pricing structure for at least the last couple of months because that's how long I've been getting ready to switch. The fact that nobody seems to realize this (including Casey) is why they're making it sound like something new. Same plan, new explanation.
  • Ironically you can actually add just the HotSpot without adding "regular" phone data. That's what I did and now I have a $10 data plan since the iPhone can't distinguish between the two types of data. So I think this new change is probably an attempt to end this cheap data plan add-on.
  • I'm still unlimited on verizon, used 144G so far with three days left to the end of the month! It's nice to know there's an option if they ever take my unlimited plan away.
  • Holy crap! What are you doing on your phone? 144 GB?
  • 144 GB... probably a massive amount of porn!!
  • I don't understand why tethering has to be extra. It's the same bits whether I am viewing them on my laptop via my phone or just my phone. It's the same stinking bits. I shouldn't be charged twice for them. I know, this article is NOT about charging, but we shouldn't thinking about it, we should just be able to do it!
  • Simpler would be unlimited data what ever way you use it. Paying extra for tethering is not simpler.