T-Mobile is shutting down TVision after six months and switching to YouTube TV

TVision Hub remote
TVision Hub remote (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • After being in service for less than half a year, TVision is already shutting down.
  • Instead, T-Mobile users will be able to get $10 off YouTube TV, at $55 instead of $65 a month.
  • Current TVision customers can switch now and save, and other T-Mobile users can take advantage of the deal starting April 6.
  • TVision will go dark on April 29, just shy of six months after it first launched on November 1.

The streaming market is a cutthroat and competitive space in 2021, and the live TV streaming market even more so. While AT&T and Verizon have major partnerships with services like HBO Max and Disney+, T-Mobile instead had to build their own, and the resulting TVision service launched this winter with a mediocre streaming box and a trio of plans to choose from. The service itself was decent, but it was only available to T-Mobile subscribers, limiting its reach and keeping it from really competing.

Today, as T-Mobile announced an expanded partnership with Google (opens in new tab) concerning Android and Google services like Google One backups and Google Messages RCS, it also rang the death knell for TVision, as T-Mobile will instead broker a deal to get T-Mobile subscribers a discount on YouTube TV instead, which works on more platforms and has a proven track record. TVision will now go dark on April 29. TVision subscribers will have until June 30 to log into their account and instead switch to YouTube TV for a reduced price of $55 a month — and if you were a Live Zone subscriber to add in NFL RedZone and other sports content, you'll still be able to add on the $11 a month Sport Plus add on for RedZone, Fox College Sports, GOLTV, Fox Soccer Plus, TVG, Stadium, and MAVTV.

YouTube TV

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

I'd be lying if I said I expected TVision to succeed long-term, but at least T-Mobile will still offer an incentive for live streaming TV, and there's finally someone offering a discount on YouTube TV after all the price hikes it's gone through in the last couple years. If you're wanting to take advantage of the new YouTube TV offer on T-Mobile but you're not a TVision subscriber, you'll have to wait until April 6 for the promotion to open up to you.

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  • That is impressive they shut it down so quickly. 
  • Ara, can current YouTube TV subscribers take advantage of this?
  • According to T-Mobile's website "After 12 months, users may need to take additional action to continue the $10/month discount on YouTube TV. YouTube TV offer is available to current T-Mobile Wireless and Home Internet service customers. Redeem by 7/31/2021. If you're currently subscribed to YouTube TV and wish to take advantage of this offer, you'll need to cancel and reactivate your subscription via the unique SMS you'll receive from T-Mobile
  • Wait, so I will be getting discounted Netflix and after April 6th a discount on my YTTV? That's cool.
  • You'll have to cancel and resubscribe to YTTV using a unique code you'll get from T-Mobile.
  • Also sounds like they'll be giving $10 off Philo which is pretty good (especially considering it's only $20 to begin with)
  • Doesn't discount YTTV enough to entice me to switch from Fi (which is pretty much a T-mobile MVNO now) to T-Mobile. The savings on my YTTV sub don't cover the increase in the plan price.