What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is no longer selling the OnePlus 7 Pro.
  • Instead, the phone is being replaced by the newer OnePlus 7T.
  • Sales for the 7T begin on October 18.

On October 18, OnePlus will officially begin sales of the new OnePlus 7T. Just like last year, the company will be selling the phone unlocked on its website along with an exclusive carrier deal with T-Mobile in the United States.

The OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T are supposed to exist alongside each other, but in preparation of the 7T's launch, T-Mobile has stopped selling the 7 Pro on its network.

T-Mobile is apparently ceasing sales as a result of, "OnePlus in the U.S. wants to focus on a single model, which will be the upcoming OnePlus 7T." A T-Mobile representative also noted that this decision was made "due to low inventory" of the OnePlus 7 Pro and it only being offered in a limited number of physical stores.

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While those do seem like fine reasons, it is an odd move considering that OnePlus has previously been building a narrative in which the 7 Pro and 7T coexist together rather than one replacing the other.

OnePlus is still selling the unlocked 7 Pro on its website and hasn't said anything about this changing anytime soon, so it could have more to do with T-Mobile wanting to tighten up its own product offerings. When you consider that OnePlus's market share at T-Mobile peaked at 5% during the OnePlus 6T launch and is now sitting at just 1.3%, it's understandable why T-Mobile would want to clear out hardware if it isn't performing well.

In any case, the OnePlus 7T will be available for purchase starting Friday, October 18 on OnePlus's website and through T-Mobile.

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