T-Mobile clarifies position on Simply Prepaid, confirms current plans are staying put

T-Mobile launched a new set of Simply Prepaid plans today, leaving many of us worried that the Un-carrier was messing with a good thing. Fortunately for the value-conscious customers out there, T-Mobile confirmed to us that the new Simply Prepaid plans are not replacing the current set of Simple Choice Prepaid plans — they will simply show up alongside them on January 25th.

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A spokesperson said:

"Simply Prepaid is a complement to T-Mobiles popular Simple Choice Prepaid Plan (it does not replace it). It's designed with the same simplicity, fairness and value in mind."

Going further, we have also confirmed that there's no plan to kill the very popular $30 plan with 100 minutes and 5GB of high-speed data, which has been an enthusiast favorite since it was introduced a few years ago.

There's still concern to be had around T-Mobile's direction in prepaid, particularly in the number of different plans available that are similar and potentially confusing, but knowing that some of the most popular options aren't going away is a huge relief. We'll be keeping an eye on T-Mobile's plan changes (if any) when the new Simply Prepaid plans arrive on January 25th.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.