Verizon bundles Netflix and Max for $10 per month

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What you need to know

  • Verizon is bringing a Netflix and Max streaming perk bundle with ads to its myPlan cellular program.
  • The company states those enrolled in Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Ultimate can grab the bundle on December 7.
  • As a $10 per month add-on bundle, consumers can save around $7 per month as Verizon looks to reduce the "churn rate" consumers typically leave behind.

Verizon is preparing to introduce a new perk bundle for consumers looking to grab its myPlan wireless program payment plan. According to the cellular provider, consumers will be able to grab a Netflix and Max streaming bundle on December 7. More importantly, consumers should know that this bundle will deliver content from both Netflix and Max with ads.

Since this is wrapped in Verizon's myPlan program, the perk bundle will cost $10 per month on top of your regular phone bill.

Verizon states users can grab the Netflix/Max with ads bundle if they are an Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, or an Unlimited Ultimate customer. If you're looking to grab a myPlan subscription for a single line, it will cost you $65/month, $80/month, and $100/month, respectively.

Enrolling is relatively straightforward, alongside a breakdown of how much consumers could save with a bundled perk.

Verizon will soon offer a Netflix/Max streaming bundle with ads through myPlan.

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Max's ad-supported plan has remained at $9.99 throughout its merge with Discovery — the service was also quite early in bringing this to consumers. Netflix's version arrived in October 2022 at $6.99 a month and with a few drawbacks. The service only offers streamed content at 720p, and even then, not every show or movie is available to view.

With that, Verizon's bundle of both plans could save consumers around $7 a month through myPlan's perks.

The plan was first rumored in November and could be seen as a stress reliever for consumers in the streaming space. It's not a secret that we typically purchase a month or two of a streaming service, see what we want, and leave. Verizon recognized this, and its Consumer Group CEO, Sowmyanarayan Sampath, stated bundling such popular platforms could reduce the "churn rate" by 60 to 70%.

Meanwhile, a new rumor suggests Verizon may also pair Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus together, similar to its Netflix and Max add-on perk.

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