Step up your work with Halter's discounted Sit/Stand Adjustable Desktop for just $53

For anyone who works a desk job, finding time to get moving doesn't come that easy. Standing desks can help you ditch your sedentary work habits and get some blood flowing, and you don't need an entirely new desk either. Halter's Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desktop sits on top of the desk you already have and rises with the squeeze of a handle so you can switch between sitting and standing with ease while you work.

Select models of Halter's Sit/Stand Desktop are now on sale at Amazon for only $52.99 each: Black and Cherry. These models normally sell for around $120 and $130 on average respectively, and today's price marks one of their lowest prices in history. The Black model has low stock, so you'll want to order soon or go with the Cherry model instead.

Today's deal drops the cost of this model down to $65 off the usual price, and a Cherry Red model is on sale as well. Place this adjustable desktop on top of a desk at home so you can lower or raise your work whenever you'd like.

This isn't a top-of-the-line model, but it also doesn't cost upwards of $200, which is not an uncommon price point for fancier versions with electric risers or higher-quality materials. The miniature desk measures 27.75 inches long, so it can handle your monitor or your laptop. Simply squeeze the handles to adjust the height. There's a convenient hole in the corner for cable management and a sliding drawer underneath for your keyboard and mouse. The manufacturer includes a two-year warranty with your purchase.

This is a super-affordable way to sneak in some extra exercise throughout the day. You could even bring it to the office and give your desk an upgrade without too much fuss. Standing on hard floors can be tiring, so you'll want to pick up an anti-fatigue mat too.

Alex Smith
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