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Sprint's Epic 4G Touch, EVO Design 4G, Motorola Admiral tipped off

Looks like Sprint's got quite the mouthful coming to its stable in the coming months, according to a leak received by Engadget. The U.S. carrier's version (previously codenamed "Within") of the Samsung Galaxy S II will go by Epic 4G Touch, or Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, if you're man enough for it.

Then there's the HTC EVO Design 4G, which Engadget opines is what's been codenamed the "Kingdom," which we've already seen in leaked shots some months ago with a qHD display.

And, finally, there's the Motorola Admiral, which is ... well, it's the Motorola Admiral. No 4G in the name, so it's a safe bet it's lacking any sort of Wimax data.

As for when any of these will hit? No telling. The fall CTIA show is two months away, but here's to hoping we get something before then.

Source: Engadget

  • Announce already Sprint. I am so ready for the SGSII on Sprint.
  • A couple of ideas to think about... "Epic 4G Touch", just the name itself seems to imply to me that this Epic 2 version of the Galaxy S2 will not have a slide out keyboard this time. EVO Design 4G - Every leaked picture of the HTC Kingdom I've seen just immediately reminds me of the EVO Shift... just with a bigger screen. If this is intended to be the follow up / replacement to the Evo Shift, then I've got to wonder if it has a slide-out keyboard too. I noticed Best Buy was giving away Evo Shift's for free last weekend too, on heels of the Nexus S freebie promotion. Sounds like they're clearing house for replacements for both... That would make more sense if they release these two fairly close together... with the Admiral perhaps as the more budget friendly of the bunch and lacking 4G, allowing Sprint to hit all three tiers. Now, where is that Nexus Prime for Sprint?
  • EPIC 2 is said to be another device mid-tier with a slide out... 4G Touch will have no KB, it will just be the SGS2
  • Is there a White Epic Touch 4g banner and a Black Epic Touch 4g banner because we're getting both colors of the SGS2?!?!?! That'd be awesome.
  • I'm hoping that the EVO Design 4G has similar specs to the EVO 3D, but without the 3D. That would definitely be my next phone. Until then, still loving my EVO 4G.
  • That does not make sense. You dont have to use 3D features of the phone. And to be honest, taking 3D photos is great.
  • I'm not dissing the 3D, or the 3D features. I like the 3D, but would rather have a kickstand than the 3D.
  • Why doesn’t it make sense? I don’t want the EVO 3D neither. I hate when people say, “You don’t even have to use the 3D feature.” Well bully for you! I’m not going to by a phone, which has a glaring feature that I must over look. If this is anything like the EVO 4G+ then I will be happy to get that, instead of the gimmicky EVO 3D. Yes, I am fully aware of the 3D specs. Yes I know its beast. But I don’t like the dual 5 mega pixel cameras. I don’t like the 3D feature. And I find it asinine to spend my cash on phone, and given the advice of just to ignore a feature. Is it like bloat ware, can I root the phone and take the 3D feature off? No! The 4G+ has an 8 mega pixel cam (yes, I know pixels don’t mean everything) and it has a toggle switch from video to still pictures… I like that.
  • I'd stick to a black SGS2, if it comes out in 2 colors, but... since i heard the rumors of the nexus prime... i think im gonna hold off for a few months... if is a galaxy my epic, love the screen, im still getting compliments on it, evo owners, specially iphone owners... just that damn keyboard...
  • The Evo 4g design will not have all of the specs as the current king of the Evo brand... The EVO 3D.... This will have 768MB of RAM and will only be a singlecore 1.2 processor. Everyone missed the boat if they didn't pick up the EVO 3D. The EVO 3D and PHOTON 4G as well as the Samsung Epic Touch 4G will be the best devices to get on sprint. My current EVO 3D as well as the EVO VIEW 4G represents the EVO BRAND VERY WELL.
  • I don't think it's possible to "miss the boat" on something that is still available and will be for months to come. From the little that I've played with the 3D, I love it. Awesome phone. I just wish they wouldn't have axed the kick-stand. I use mine all the time on my EVO 4G, especially when I'm just holding it in front of me portrait looking at the web or Facebook or whatever - I just flip the stand out and rest it on top of my pinky.
  • with rumors of ICS device coming out in a few months, im not sure if i should get the SGS2 or wait to see what ICS device are released.
  • I sure like the name "Epic 4G Touch" better than the "Samsung Within..."
  • Mark this one as slightly better than hearsay: A friend of mine who works for Radio Shack corporate here in Fort Worth said that in a meeting this morning, mention was made of "5 unnamed Sprint devices" launching on 9/9. I'm guessing these are at least some of those.
  • I can't wait for the SGS II on Sprint any longer! I have the Epic 4G, but this damned keyboard is driving me insane. I would get the Evo 3D but I hear that cellular data speeds are terrible on it...must be a hardware bug, and the SGS II outprforms it in some ways. I have always loved the way that the Epic looked and how it ran. I rooted my phone and have done numerous things, so it runs even better now. I will certainly love to root the Epic 4G Touch, I know development will be great for it. Hurry up Sprint! I want to give you my money!!!
  • If you want a slab phone there are hundreds of good options out there for you. Why do people choose to buy the ONE decent keyboard phone out there and then complain about the fact that it has a keyboard? I refuse to buy any phone that lacks a physical keyboard and I also want high end specs. If manufacturers listen to complaints like yours then they might not make another one. Epic 4G is #1 right now, but I'm not yet sure what my options will be in a year when it's time to upgrade. Just appreciate the keyboard or buy a different fricking phone please :)
  • How about the damn 2.3 update for Epic 3G? How about getting my new, purchased 1 month ago Epic's 4G working_since it never stays on more than 20 seconds? Since I am surrounded in 4G coverage both at home and 40 miles away at work-what's the deal?
  • Try adding a 4g widget to your screen (like the one from SwitchPro in the market), and turn it on from there. You may find that it stays on.
  • Bummer. I prefer a keyboard on a smartphone. It would be cool to have both a non keyboard and keyboard S2 on Sprint.
  • The epic 2 better have a KB or I am going to tmo for the my touch 4g slide
  • Posted by CubfanAugust 9, 2011 - 13:0019 hours ago
    Try adding a 4g widget to your screen (like the one from SwitchPro in the market), and turn it on from there. You may find that it stays on. -Thanks, but so far it looks like neither Elixir nor Widgetsoid support toggling 4G on the EPIC...still searching though, but looks like everything for HTC Evo.
  • Fancy widgets pro has a 4g toggle, i think EDIT: Beautiful widgets also has it