Sprint SERO plans reopening to high-end Android devices

If you've ever had a Sprint SERO plan, you know how damn hard it is to let it go. The old Sprint Employee Referral Offer was pretty easy to come by back in the day and brought super-low-price contract plans. But as higher-end (and more data-hungry) device launched, Sprint began to move people off of SERO.

Looks as though these cries have been heard, and Sprint has decided that as of Oct. 1 it will include the Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G in the SERO Premium plan. There is one catch -- users will have to be on an existing SERO plan before Oct. 1 to qualify for the SERO Premium plan. [SprintThanks, Malatesta!

Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Of course, I'm not surprised - I called Sprint and they won't move me back to the SERO, despite the fact I still have another line (wife) still on that plan.
    Total screwage. Could have saved about $20/mo...
  • Wow. So if my wife is still on her old-school $30/month SERO plan she can now switch and get an EVO/Epic for the same plan and money??
  • No, it will cost her an extra $20 a month to add the Evo, or Epic. $10 for the Pre, Pixi, Hero, Moment, or the lower end (forgot the name) Moment.
  • Intercept.
  • Figures! I just gt rid of my wifes sero cause she wanted a android phone! F_ck my life!
  • this sounds awesome. wait. ...from just reading the information in this article, i have no clue what the difference is from Premium versus the old SERO plan, or really anything about SERO...but in my mind--its euphoria... and i'd have to be a member of a SERO plan BEFORE oct 1st to qualify for the Premium SERO plan AFTER oct 1st? so...does this mean any customer in the entire future of the Sprint service AFTER oct 1st won't be able to get this Premium plan?
  • Sero PREMIUM. I bet the price is the same as the new employee referral deal.
  • Nope. It's roughly $20 less per month for single line plans.
  • this is crap... but then again... the article doesn't really specify WHICH SERO plan: the old one @ $30/month or the new one @ 59.99/month either way... i hope they'll have to pay the same $10/month EVO fee that I'm currently stuck with paying...
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  • It's for the "old" SERO, not the new EPRP. It's for the $30 (500 mins) and $50 (1200 mins) plans. An additional $10 allows you to use any phone save for those requiring the $10 data fee, which would add an additional $10, making the upcharge a total of $20. ...and to hope that other people have to pay that same $10 is petty beyond belief. How does that make your situation any better? Grow up.
  • i would've said... "i hope sprint removes the $10 charge completely"... but we both know that's not going to happen... to ask that others do their part is asking for mutual responsibility... paying $10 (over the life of a contract) is $240... if you want to pay $240 bucks for everyone while they sit around and just pay $50 ($30+ $20... from your post)... i'm sure plenty people will sign up to give you that bill... hoping that others do their part to "better the network/pay for unlimited data" (what sprint says the premium is for) isn't beyond belief... i'm already paying for 4G in an area where 4G remains NOT DEPLOYED... why don't you take your own advice and grow up and utilize logic... more people paying $10/month, hopefully will:
    1)keep sprint from going into tiered data
    2)bring 4G/wimax networks to my area both of these BETTER MY SITUATION..
  • Hmmmm, so they take away my 25% employee discount on lines 3-5, then give discounts to other plans. Oh well, at least my money is helping out somebody else.
  • Yeah, I got the same 'deal' this month in my bill. Went with Sprint because of the discount... End of contract can't come soon enough.
  • shoulda thought of this a few months back sprint..
    before i left you forever... byeeeeee
  • I sure that they will regret it forever...
  • They screwed me out of a 3rd party employee plan, made me go to a full price plan, and when they announce a SERO plan you HAVE to have an existing SERO plan. Thanks for nothing. I had 3 seperate reps tell me i could keep my 3rd party plan then 2 months after i have had my EVO they tell me i CANT have it. I would have NEVER have switched if i would have known they would pull that crap. I have had the same plan for 6 years.
  • Figures! I just gt rid of my wifes sero cause she wanted a android phone! F_ck my life!
  • Wow, a lot of unjustified complaints for a plan that is suppose to target new customers, not existing. It's just what it is.
  • Actually, this targets existing customers for upgrade.
  • Stop crying.
  • Wow, I just signed up on a EPRP for the Epic. I wish I would have waited and got on the SERO plan instead!
  • Jeez, I just dumped two SERO accounts to get two Epics on opening day. I suspect that Sprint was tracking how many old SERO accounts they still had on the books before they opened the program again and waited till most of the old accounts were closed. Sorry to have contributed to the stats.
  • To everyone who complains: Please remember some people have NEVER had any leniency from Sprint, and in fact got screwed over by them. Do away with SERO and bring everyone's cost down is what I say. Why should people get an account for cheaper when they have absolutely no right? Bottom line: Why should I pay full price and let someone in my exact same situation pay a substantial amount less. SCREW ALL YOU SERO JERKS.
  • See you guys should have known this was coming. I had terrible service from day one from sprint and I had a sero plan after a year and change I had the rep promising me a new android phone and one of those boxes that improved my reception inside my house as (rep claimed my phone samsung rant was on gsm and I would get improved service on a cdma phone hence I made the rep promise me a phone before my two year contract was up) long as I stayed any who when the time came for me to get my android the rep said I would have to move from my plan to the new plan so I said screw it gave that plan to my friend ( contract ends this january) and told her to use it and to tell me if she didn't want it anymore. So I still technically have a sero plan but my official phone is a droid from verizon now. Now I'm doubly screwed. I totally saw this coming. I do know that if my friend doesn't want the plan I'll find someone else to give it to until my contract ends with verizon. After that I don't know what I'm going to with verizon. It doesn't get better than a sero account.