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Sprint Motorola Photon 4G available today

Today's the day, folks. The Motorola Photon 4G is now available in Sprint stores and online. And if you couldn't tell from Part 1 of our Photon 4G review, we're slightly over the moon about this one. Between the 4.3-inch touchscreen (Pentile display notwithstanding), dual-core 1GHz processor and that it's running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, plays Netflix out of the box -- and has Sprint's Wimax data -- it's quickly found itself as our new favorite on Sprint.

It's going to be quite the battle between the Photon 4G and the HTC EVO, that's for sure. On the fence? We've got answers in our EVO 3D and Photon 4G forums.

Online: Sprint Photon 4G; more: EVO 3D forums; Photon 4G forums

  • This is a great phone. The Photon 4G is a beast. Come to the forums to see what people are saying:
  • wow....i must make an excutive decision...... since gingerbread update nearly destroyed my beloved EVO and it has never been the same since 2.2..... jump on this hot new device ..and its a world phone...or wait to get the EVO 4g + which i will think will come to the states later in the year...around the time the evo wil be phaised out ???? HEEEELLLLPPPPPP
  • I've debated the same thing with getting an EVo3d now or wait for the 4g+, but to be honest, I'm not crazy about the build quality of the Evo, and I may decide on this instead. My Evo 4g has broken 3 times in the past 10 months. All in the same manner with the housing cracking along the side seem. the Evo has the performance I want, but the durability of the phone isn't. I trust the durability of Motorola products more than HTC. Plus I found this with benchmark results:
  • WHAT UP MIKE31082,,NICE NAME..LOL..THANKS FOR REPLY....I love my Evo...and i am noon rooted....but this gingerbread update injuried my phone.....sorry u been having some issues with far i been lucky with the housing on u said..i been a motorola fan for years from my nextel days....but i will wait for more people to put out reviews on the photon and really read all the forums before i make a harsh decion...esp since we cant upgrade evryday of the would love to see a side by side comparison EVO4g vs Photon.....i know the photon would will in most areas's..its a newer device..just my thought..peace
  • lol. Benchmarks. Do we really have to go over this AGAIN? :p
  • I don't know why you expect the 4G+ to come stateside.... I see no reason why....... The EVO 3D would be the only EVO on these shores until next year...... why? Because its the same phone..... Your options are the Photon or the gs2
  • Because there phasing out the OG Evo 4g. Plus if you think about the OG Evo 4g & the shift, the 4g+ would probably come out sometime this winter.
  • It's not even going to be called the EVO 4G+ in the US. They have already found tons of leaks that suggested we will be receiving a Sensation-like device which is to be called the Hero 4G.
  • Dig the photon but holding out for the Samsung Within. Then ill make my decision.
  • unless there are ways to root this thing, i will hold and wait before i make a move.
  • Same as you Arin...intrigued by the photon but still thinking about the Within. I'm going to get the Photon today and then we have 30 days to play with it. By then the SGS2 will be out OR at least we should know when. I'm still thinking the Photon FOR ME might work better. Yes, the SGS2 is lighter, thinner, crisper screen and does 1080P video. However, I like to keep a phone in my pocket with no cover and I'm a little rough on phones. I want something sturdy and rugged with good reception. That certainly sounds like Motorola over Samsung. In my case the SGS2 might be TOO thin/light. That means kickstand + web/car dock + worldphone makes it close over slightly better display/video/pics. Not considering the E3D.
  • I can honestly say that the Car Dock did it for me. Single wire out that gives audio and a solid build. Best dock for any phone ever. Was waiting for the Within, but I think I'll spring for this one. Wish I knew what you guys say is wrong with this "Pentile" display. Looks great to me.
  • Waiting to see what the peeps say before I decide between this and the EVO 3D. I don't like the 3D on the EVo, but you can of course ignore that and its still a great phone.
  • Phil! In your opinion which processor better, the snapdragon or tegera 2.
  • lol. At doing what?
  • I would also like to know...maybe try comparing graphic performance, speed switching apps or everyday use stuff.
  • At real life tests ? On daily basis ?
  • As far the web browser, and downloading apps! Am not in the games nor the videos. Am working in the medical field.
  • Exynos > Tegra 2 < Adreno 220 (Snapdragon) Just my .02
  • Got mine on Friday (Premier pre-order) and I love it!!
  • Interested in this phone but have a question. With this being a Wimax phone and Sprint looking like they are going away from wimax is this a good investment? Since it would be a personal phone I am likely to keep it for the full 2 year contract
  • I have the Evo 3d, my jump from Palm Pre. I thought about the Photon, but don't really need the world phone. The extra on-board storage would be great though. The rest really has no compelling reason to switch over for me. I know. I know. It isn't cool tech guy stuff to say the 3D imaging is a nice add. But, it does add that little extra to images and in 10 years I'll be happy that looking back I have that little bit of extra saved. Whatever is the best phone for you, have fun with it. The fact that in 2011 we have so many great choices is really amazing. The future looks pretty damn bright. The current best phone is always ephemeral.
  • It's ASHAME how people are always FOOLING THEMSELVES when it comes to technology. This is a great addition to the sprint lineup people who like motorola or sprint actually should rejoice in happiness. Myself I own an HTC EVO 3D since June 24th 2011 and owned the former HTC EVO 4G from June 4th 2010 to June 24th 2011 on sprint the EVO BRAND will always be the FLAGSHIP DEVICE HTC has nothing to prove. The EVO 4G was the best suppoted device out of any android device since it's inception it recieved (3) OS upgrades it launched with 2.1 recieved 2.2 and then recieved 2.3.3 NO OTHER ANDROID DEVICE HAS HAD THAT SUPPORT. Flash forward to now the EVO 3D will recieve the same device support not only from HTC/SPRINT as far as updates but with the OVERALL TRACK RECORD of HTC alone MOTOROLA could never TOUCH that with a ten foot pole. The EVO 3D is the best android device on the market as a dail driver AND WITH THE 16 TO 23 HRS battery life I recieve on my device daily NO OTHER ANDROID DEVICE CAN OR WILL TOP THAT. If you were a evo 4g owner then you know what we went through when it came to battery life I walked around every day for over 1year with 2 factory batteries and my charger no matter where I went and neither of the batteries last tops 4hrs each before they needed to be recharged. On my EVO 3D I never need to take my charger or walk around with another battery at all I only take my charger with me on days I know I have to work a 16hr shift SO THAT MEANS I am out of the house over 20hrs. People need to understand technology the evo 3d has an 1.2Ghz Asynchronous dualcore processor that has an optimized task manager that can be set at 30% where you will recieve an extra 6 to 8hrs of battery life when the battery reaches that 30% mark. This device in REMARKABLE and people are just simply missing the point of this technology. Rather you like 3d or not this technology is here and will grow and move forward and I personally applaud HTC for taking a stand and producing this technology. It's pretty clear with LG and now SAMSUNG coming out with their 3D PHONE IN DECEMBER that this will be the technology of the future. Rather you like it or not all it is is an feature that can be turned off whenever you don't need it or want it. THE EVO 3D RAINS SUPREME IN THE ANDROID WORLD......NOTHING IS BETTER........
  • You know; it's sad that your entire comment is about twice the length of the actual article. You keep telling me to get a life, why don't you do the same? You can't tell me you "have a life" when you can write all of this crap. "NO OTHER ANDROID DEVICE HAS HAD THAT SUPPORT" Hmmmm miiiight want to take a look at the Nexus phones. THEY have even MORE support than your any of your Evos. Try again fool. Bwahaha! Here you are saying you had the crappiest battery life on the OG Evo, but when you had it you were citing a full days worth of a charge. Care to make up your mind? Keep lying to yourself to make "your world" seem brighter. Yeah, cause one phone from each manufacturer definitely means 3D is "the technology of the future". Come back when half of the phones being manufactured are 3D capable. Then we'll talk. And it's "reigns". "Rain" is the little water droplets that magically fall from the sky. You're 45+ years old. Time to spell like you know something.
  • Hark, is that the flutter of little fanboy wings I hear?
  • DROID X ? The DROID X launched with 2.1 (Eclair) got 2.2 (FroYo) & now 2.3 (GingerBread)
  • @richardyarrell "No other Android device has had that kind of support????" You are a douche!!
  • "Rather like it or not" is not a correct phrase in English. Tis "whether." And seriously man... You've really made a fool out of yourself with this one.. I love my Evo. My boss loves his droid x. Motorola has as good of a history with cell phones as HTC, maybe better. Did it possibly occur to you that what is important you might not be extremely important to someone else? Just please... Don't do this again. You're making your momma sad.
  • I picked up a 3vo yesterday. I like the look and camera of the photon better. But in the end sense and HTC support won out. Over MOTO blur (or whatever). I will miss that extra storage and the kickstand though.
  • Okay so. I'm eligible for an upgrade tomorrow, pretty sure Sprint will let me upgrade today. Should I get the 3d or the photon? I've been trying to find comparison reviews. Which one is the all around better phone???
  • I'll walk you through my decision and hope that helps. I (like almost all consumers) don't care about 3d. Having to sacrifice anything for it (kickstand, megapixels, thickness...) is annoying, and I don't like buying a phone that annoys me. that being said here is my comparison. The photon has clearly better industrial design. In my opinion the evo is ugly and the two cameras are toyish. The photon has a better camera. I like the kickstand. It has more internal storage. The photon is the phone I WANT to be better. But then there's the day to day use. Sense is miles better than anything motorola has ever put on a phone. It is both beautiful and functional. It integrates multiple accounts (gmail, google, facebook)seamlessly. The task manager in the notification bar is excellent. In fact the notification bar is the best in class. There are all kinds of little touches that make it perform like a higher end device. Processor wise its probably a wash. Both a dual core. The tegra is a9 architecture as opposed to a8 for the snapdragon. But with the additional clock speed and modifications the dragon is probably a little faster. Graphics wise the evo is clearly superior, although not by a lot. Accessory wise the photon has the webtop. The Evo has true hdmi mirroring. I prefer the mirroring, and moto's webtop has been known to be a little buggy. If you travel abroad a lot then there is no choice. Moto for you. For me it came down to which I put more weight on. Camera and industrial design or daily usage and functionality. The look and feel of the phone or the look, feel, and again, functionality of the ui. I chose the latter. I have friends on Verizon that are waiting to get the bionic when it comes out. I suspect the bionic is going to be motorola's flagship device. I kept having the though that if I got the photon what would someone with a bionic think of it. Likely they'd simply think of it as an inferior phone. Whereas if they picked up the evo they would likely say, "Wow! your phone does all this stuff?" I hope this helps.
  • I like a lot of what you have to say up to "what would someone with a bionic think of it?" What?? You really care what someone else from a different carrier thinks about the phone??? Get a life.
  • Ah the internet, where you start with "I like what you have to say" and end, 20 words later, with "get a life". I don't mean to shock you but people don't want to buy a phone that's going to be outdated in a month. That's why the aforementioned friends are waiting for the bionic. People don't like spending premium money on a phone only to have said phone become some other phones little brother in 30 days. It is worth noting that the quality of sense offers a degree of future proofing against upcoming devices. And thinking you can extrapolate anything about a person's life based on a few lines of anonymous text is, well... It's not a smart thing to do.
  • Much the same way you seem to think that he should care about what you think of the whole thing, and you're just a few electrons on a screen as far as he's concerned. Maybe it is you, sir, who needs the life.
  • i just bought this phone now, hard to say if i like it better than my evo... it is really fast though!!! and i love the dial pad... only thing is says it has 16gb of internal storage BUT mine says 8.92gb and only 8.12 left.. what is up with that???? they better send me an sd on hold with a rep as i type. lol.. other than that, screen is BAD AZZ
  • It goes as : 8.92GB : for whatever you want (i.e. Music ,Videos , Pictures ..etc) 2.75GB : For Apps only , but you can move the apps (App2SD) to the 8.92GB or the SD card The Rest goes for the System data (Android , Motorola Applicant Platform , ..etc) This is good for the future updates , so you don't end up NOT getting the next Android Version due to the lack of space (i.e. Desire issue)
  • Man you really got to hand it to Motorola & Verizon. Making sure that by the time they finally get their first dual core 4g device that everyone else already has the first quad core devices well start emerging or it will be 2012 before we finally see the Bionic. & from what I've read it's supposed to be a game changer of a phone yet it still keeps getting delayed & now the Photon is out (which is an absolutely gorgeous device) before the Bionic. I also read somewhere of I'm wrong that the 4g is the only difference really between the 2 other than the design. VZW has LTE & SPRINT has WIMAX right? Other than that the have the same processor the same ram, camera, same resolution screen?? Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong guys. I'm pretty sure I read about this being almost identical in everyway other than the 2 I mentioned earlier. So if they're exactly the same then what the hell is taking so long?? & if they're exactly the same then I well completely pass on the Bionic. After having being delayed time after time & then it's still basically the same phone or as powerful as the already released devices then to me that's an insult to Verizon's customers & the Bionic's fan base who've been patiently waiting since it's announcement back in February. I can only imagine the reason that VZW still doesn't have any other Dual Core 4g devices is for some contract with Motorola saying they would get to have the 1st dual core 4g LTE flagship device on VZW's new LTE network. If this is indeed the case I hope VZW customers completely boycott the Bionic after this much time & after no other choices to choose from & then when it's finally released it's your average run of the mill device every other carrier has had at least 2 already then I say pass it up and wait for something else we've already waited this long. Sorry for the rant guys & I know this really had nothing to do with the Photon other than it being a simply gorgeous device & I'm really happy for the Sprint customers & the great choices they have to choose from. I hope this turns out to be one of the devices to beat.
  • Locked bootloader = no sale to me. The only great thing about android is the community and when you show no respect for that you wont be getting my business. Want to make phones nice and locked down go make WP7 phones...
  • Motoblur sucks!!!
  • Being a worldphone is cool, but in my opinion motorola sucks, i made a promise to myself years ago to never again buy a moto cellphone.
  • To me, the decision is easy: For anyone looking to choose between the Photon and the Evo 3D, here's my train of thought. As far as specs go, both phones come out on top... One has more storage, the other has a true qHD display. One is a world phone, the other has 3d photo and video capture and display. So, if you travel abroad a lot, I recommend you get the Photon. Thats a no brainer. Myself, I don't travel outside the country, nor do I anticipate doing so in the near future, so I have no need for a world phone. I do travel a lot in the US, and everywhere I go, my service works fine. The fact of the matter is the only things the Photon have over the Evo 3D are the fact that its a world phone, has a built in kick stand, and more memory. Th Evo 3D has 3D capabilities and a world class UI that has yet to be matched by any other manufacturer. For me, It came down to the fact that the Evo 3D had features that the Photon could not match. And thats its 3D capabilities. I know people look at it as a gimmick, and IT IS GIMMICK. But its a fun gimmick. I have managed to "wow" a lot of people with that feature and these beautiful summer pics and videos are loads of fun to take. However, if 3D isn't for you, so what? The Photon is still just as thick as the Evo 3D and it DOESN'T have 3D capabilities. Also, you don't HAVE to use the 3d on the EVo 3d. Its there only for pics and videos and can be turned off. Thats why I chose the EVo 3D. Also, I solved the memory problem by spending a little over 20 bucks for a 16 gig micro sd card and voila! twice as much storage capacity on my EVo 3D.
  • Okay people, since most phones coming out now have pretty much the same specs, I like to go with the one that has a little something to set it apart.
    These are the basic things I look for when choosing a new handset.
    1. Carrier and plans
    2. Specs and features
    3. Build quality
    4. (Personal opinion) Rootability Since this is coming down to HTC and Motorola,
    build quality goes to Moto, and rootability goes to HTC. Phones owned:
    HTC G1, good phone, design bad
    Moto Cliq XT, hardware superb, it never got past Android OS 1.5
    HTC Mytouch 4G, sweeeeet!!!
    HTC EVO 3D, all I can say is 3D...! Moto kind of hurt me with not coming through with a promised update to 1.6 donut.
  • OK I get the photon today good phone my wife get the evo 3d I think both phones good but not as beautiful as my sister galaxy s2 so my son going to wait for the galaxy within we loved the evo 4g but after the update to gingerbread 3.3 all we could say a good phone gone bad they should have left it at version 2.2 its a shame
  • Why would SPRINT keep pushing out 4G phones when there is no 4G service? I'm in the metro Detroit area w/no 4G, but I was "sold" on the Epic 4G phone. Traveling this past week through Dayton, Cincy, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta ... my 4G never turned on ... so Sprint ... please tell me why I paid for the 4G capability when it looks like it will never be used during my contract period.
  • Used to live in Atlanta. They have excellent 4G coverage...
  • Too bad Sprint has stopped expanding its 4G network. Now you can pay more for shakey coverage just like us EVO users.
  • Pay more? How? Please explain...
  • @clogteachr - I am in the Cincinnati area and have excellent 4g service everywhere I go around town, also in Dayton FWIW.