Sprint introduces new 'Framily Plan'

Get together with your friends and family to save some cash on your monthly bill

That's not a typo. Sprint has started a new "Framily Plan" where a single subscriber pays $55 per month, but for each new person who gets on the plan, the price drops $5 monthly for everyone on that plan. This caps at seven people, so with the maximum number of "framily" together, each person is paying just $25 per month. 

That fee gets you unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 1GB of data. An extra $20 per month will get you unlimited data. 

Things kick off January 10 at both Sprint stores and third-party dealers. To get the ball rolling, show up at the Sprint store with your own unsubsidized compatible phone, or buy one outright, or use Sprint's One Up program to get one. Activate it on the Framily plan, and you'll get an ID to share with folks you want on your plan. Visit Sprint for more info and fancy charts if you need a little bit more 'splainin. 

Yeah, it has a silly name, and it's a little complicated, but for some people this plan will work well. Anyone out there considering it?

Source: Sprint

Jerry Hildenbrand
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