Sprint Evo 4G pre-orders available at Radio Shack 'later this month'

Wanna pre-order the Sprint Evo 4G at Radio Shack? (We're not calling it The Shack no matter how many times people in suits try to be cool.) Look for the pre-ordering to begin "later this month." That's pretty vague. Could be tomorrow, could be three weeks. And it still doesn't point to any actual availability. Could be late May, could be early June, could be late June, could be July.

Sooner's probably more likely than later, given that the New York launch party is next week, and we've already seen an Evo 4G pop up in a store. Think you know when it's launching? Try your luck in our Evo 4G Launch Prediction forum thread. [via Phandroid]

Phil Nickinson