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Sprint Evo 4G caught on camera on TNT's "The Closer"

It's pretty obvious to anyone who cares that Android is not only mainstream, but very much in the spotlight. If you need proof, just turn on your TV. We've already seen Ari and Johnny Drama with an N1 on "Entourage," and now Engadget has caught a sighting of the Evo 4G on TNT's "The Closer" videotaping a surgery. That 8MP camera along with 4G speeds is great for catching a crime in action and then sending it off to the authorities. That is, if you're not completely distracted by that Sprint logo... [via Engadget]

  • That's a cool touch on the Sprint logo.
  • Unless you're on wifi, you're not sending any large videos to anyone.
  • If any one has been watching the new show on USA - Glades, he uses a Droid X. I think it may have been an editing error, but I'm pretty sure I saw the Droid 2 as well. I actually paused the show in high def. The star def had an X in one scene, and a D2 in a later scene. On second thought, might have been on the next episode. There was a mini marathon on Sunday(8/8).
  • Android is getting out there
  • Haha! Obviously, Sprint must have sponsored that episode. For one, the logo would not have shown up at all in that lighting, and second, it's too large. The real logo isn't that large or prominent (and funny how the HTC logo on the other side of the ear speaker is nowhere to be found). Madison Avenue is hard at work. ;-)
  • My Sprint logo is all silver, the one in the pic looks yellow. Odd
  • Hey, if Sprint sponsored, then why not have the logo like that? It's a great phone, I can attest. But it's not just my carrier, it's Android. It's great and I am pretty damn happy coming from Blackberry. Now with Froyo, you can watch full episodes on sites and movies and just about anything you can do on your desktop. Very cool if you ask me. WCM
  • The Sprint logo was enhanced quite a bit. Mine is not yellow nor that big.
  • The yellow comes from some other light source shining on it.
  • I'm pretty sure they edited the official Sprint logo onto the phone for the episode. The white text and yellow swoosh are Sprint's trademark colors so it's no coincidence. That's just how product placement works. I'm glad Android is finally getting more media attention though! So many of my Twitter followers/followees have been talking about wanting an Evo, Epic, Captivate, and Droid X, it's amazing. #teamandroid is growing by the day!
  • Anyone here watch the last couple of seasons of Heroes? Sprint was obviously sponsoring the show since their phones were all over the place, all with abnormally prominent logos. One of the characters even showed off her Hero in the final episodes last spring, also with a very large and very yellow Sprint logo.
  • I am pretty sure I saw an EVO on Leverage.