Sprint and RadioShack pen deal to establish 1,750 co-branded stores

After hearing various rumblings on such an agreement in recent days, it looks like Sprint has struck a deal with RadioShack that would see the carrier expanding into 1,750 RadioShack locations. According to the press release, the deal will "establish co-branded stores that will exclusively sell mobile devices across Sprint's brand portfolio as well as RadioShack products, services and accessories."

From Sprint:

Under the terms of the new agreement, Sprint would effectively operate a store within a RadioShack store, occupying approximately one third of the retail space of each location. Sprint employees will sell mobile devices and plans on all Sprint brands including Boost and Virgin Mobile. The stores will be co-branded with Sprint being the primary brand on storefronts and in marketing materials.

The deal comes in the wake of RadioShack's recent bankruptcy filing, and will allow the brand to live on through the store-in-store agreement. The deal would also more than double Sprint's current brick-and-mortar locations, which currently stand at 1,100.

Source: Sprint

Dan Thorp-Lancaster