Sprint and LightSquared reportedly to deploy LTE network

Sprint Nextel corp and LightSquared, Inc. have just reached a 15-year deal to provide high-speed LTE services, equipment, and share expansion costs, according to Bloomberg.  All the details haven't been announced, but according to insiders the deal could be valued as high as $20 billion.  From a letter from LightSquared financial backer Phillip Falcone to Harbinger Capital Partner investors obtained by Bloomberg:

LightSquared and Sprint will jointly develop, deploy and operate LightSquared’s 4G LTE network. Sprint will become a significant customer of LightSquared’s 4G LTE network.

We have no idea how this will affect any relationship between Sprint and Clearwire (which ain't exactly the greatest in the world), but we can tell you that your current Sprint 4G phones won't stop working until long after the contract is up.  If Bloomberg is right on this one (and they usually are), expect a formal announcement soonish.

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  • This is great news! So many questions though... -What spectrum will it run on?
    -How will that affect Clearwire/WiMax?
    -Will their LTE network allow data/voice at the same time?
    -How soon will future phones start carrying the new LTE capabilities (and how will that affect Evo 3D's/Photon's/SGS2's future)?
    -(When) Will Sprint start charging more fees to cover the $20B for LTE?
    -Is Lightsquared trust-worthy enough to effectively do it, or will they end up broke like Clearwire? So many questions but I'm excited for the future of Sprint!
  • Unless those devices have a secret LTE radio built in, it's not going to affect them at all. They will still run CDMA/WiMax. Just because Sprint is apparently adding LTE to the mix doesn't mean those devices will stop operating on WiMax anytime soon. From what has been said about the deal, it's the potential of $20 billion coming INTO Sprint, not that Sprint is paying LS. I'm also pleased that Sprint is making this move. It really does make sense in the long run, especially with most of the rest of the civilized world moving to LTE. My biggest question is when are they going to finally kill off Nextel and free up THAT spectrum.
  • Yea I know the devices won't stop working. I meant it in financial terms, as in how many people will still buy SGS2's if Sprint starts marketing their LTE network and starts getting phones out next year. Of course, this is a moot point if LTE phones don't come out until 2013... As for Sprint getting the $20B, I completely misread that part and that makes the news even better!
  • In the short term I don't see it doing anything to the sales of the EVO 3D, SGS2, Photon or any of the other 4G phones they are planning to sell. There area always going to be people out to get the latest and greatest in handsets. If they get a blockbuster device to launch their LTE network, ala HTC EVO for WiMax, people will still convert. One thing that might be a bit of a plus is that by the time Sprint does get around to offering a true LTE handset, the mfgs may finally be able to eek out a decent battery life while allowing the device to stay on 4G.
  • Sprint and Lightsquared are equally going into this. Yes, Sprint will be getting $20 billion, but they will also be matching that amount to develop LTE. So technically, Sprint is putting in $20 billion.
  • From what I read on engadget, lightsquared is paying sprint the $20 billion. That is good for sprint.
  • It will run on Sprint's iDen spectrum of 800MHz which is perfect for building penetration and best for covering wide areas.
  • Yeah, that's kinda been the gist I've gotten. Would be nice if the fiasco that was the Sprint/Nextel merger ultimately comes back to give Sprint the last laugh.
  • Actually, if I am not mistaken, sprint will be the one to receive $20billion.
  • That is about what I figured would happen WiMax wasn't exactly taking off like a rocket.
  • Interesting
  • Are they ditching Wimax?
  • Time will tell, but I think eventually yes. Don't worry though, our 4G WiMax phones will still work for several years.
  • Yes! This is exactly what Sprint needs to do WiMax is not cutting it... Also with LTE and with Sprint rolling in the Nextel spectrum should make for awesome coverage rivaling that of Verizon and ATT... Go Sprint! (Just don't raise my bill to pay for it ok? Ok! Thanks)
  • So this will be Sprint running on the same LTE network Verizon is correctly on?
  • Similar to Verizon's network, but owned and operated by Sprint and LS.
  • I don't think they'll ditch WiMax, i think they'll just restructure it so that it's used for other "4G" related services. Kind of like Open Range internet service or something for us rual customers.
  • Looks like Sprint is hedging. Exactly what a company would do when its subcontractor is under performing. Though, it would be a nightmare for Sprint if this other subcontractor is as poorly managed as Clearwire. Verizon has the right business model. If you want it done right, do it yourself.
  • Found this in LightSquared's FAQ page: Network Roll-Out
    LightSquared is currently conducting technical testing which will run through 2011. Once this phase is complete, customers are expected to launch services in the first half 2012. Between that information and Bloomberg's statement that the FCC is asking them to study whether their network interferes with global positioning systems, I guess we can't expect anything until 2012.
  • I wouldn't expect handsets until the end of next year at the earliest. They would probably follow the same pattern people have done with LTE and WiMax...release data only devices like PC cards first, and sometime after introduce the handsets. At least handsets from Sprint.
  • Not so fast...
  • Research Big guy. Do you think LS is just paying Sprint $20B so that Sprint can then use their LTE network? NO it is so LS can use SPRINT'S SPECTRUM.
  • double post
  • Finally!!!
  • So Sprint is partnering with another company for a 4G network. Does this seem familiar to anyone else? Heck, it worked so well the first time. Oh, wait...
  • That would be really awesome if Sprint's coverage didn't suck it.
  • You know, Sprint's coverage is going to pick up by years end...A LOT. Project Vision; Multi-Modal towers; LTE soon to follow. Sprint's put on their A-Game.
  • Yeah because people get excited about decent coverage in the future and not now when their coverage and service sucks.
  • I get decent coverage now on Sprint. I'm excited for the excellent coverage that ensues....
  • Yeah, me too.
    The only place I have any issues are my mom's house on a lake where they county has completely locked down tower construction for "Asthetic" reasons. There I have to roam on Verizon's network, but in the age of no "roaming charges" Why am I worried?
    I'm stoked about 800Mhz LTE. Bring it on!
  • If your roaming it uses your anytime minutes and thus might end up charging you.
  • It is entirely dependent where you are in relation to the cell sites. This has always been the case regardless of carrier or wireless technology. My old place had five Sprint towers within a couple miles, yet they were all targeted in different directions and I would get maybe a bar of signal. Now I live a mile up the road and constantly have 5 bars in 3G or 4G.
  • what will this mean for sprint's prepaid carriers?
  • That they too will eventually migrate and offer LTE devices. Though probably not for quite awhile.
  • Now this is some interesting news! I was definitely not expecting a rumor, let alone anything, this soon! I hope we get some more information in the coming days.
  • now we just have to wait and see if lightsquared can get their issue with interefering with gps and emergency signals resolved. unless they can prove that their technology is not screwing with gps and all sorts of other frequency, I dont see how they'll be getting any service anytime soon. Sprint is making a run to the grave if they're not careful.....
  • LS is paying Sprint $20B so they can use Sprint's spectrum.........not just for the hell of it. Removing their current spectrum issues.
  • According to the article, it just states that they will be sharing costs. It did not mention anything about using Sprint's spectrum. In fact the article seem to state that sprint will be using LS's service so I'm assuming that LS is still going to be using the same spectrum.
    if it was as you said, then why should they even care to submit a report on July 1 about their proof that LS' technology will not interfere with GPS and other signals?
    It makes no sense if by using Sprint's spectrum, they would "fix" the issue, why would they even do anything about their current issues.
    go figure. As far as the article goes, it simply states that they will be doing business with each other with Sprint as the CUSTOMER of LS.
    based on this blog post and the article linked, it really hasn't shown who's paying who, just that it's a deal valued at 20billion.
    The point still stands that if LS can show that their technology will not interfere with GPS and emergency signals whether or not they're using Sprint's spectrum, then they should be good, but if not, then Sprint might be doing some very bad moves.. I did not really follow the whole story from the beginning, so I'm basing my comments on what has been provided here.
  • Lightsquared is paying sprint, I read that about a month ago on engadget.
  • fair enough. As I said previously, I know as much about this deal as this article has provided. As I said, I do not know much beyond this and my comments are based purely on what was given in this article and its source.
  • Looks like I won't be buying a sprint 4g phone this year...
  • Why? Your contract will be over by the time any phone for it is released.
  • That is a totally stupid comment. Even IF Sprint ends up converting to LTE, nothing is going to happen for years, and WiMax is not disappearing for several years after that, and the CDMA 3G won't disappear for many, many years.
  • I'd say LTE is coming sooner than later...next 1-2 years, they already signed the deal and thats enough to get the ball rolling. Remember how fast they were able to release the Evo 4G after the deal was signed with Clear? It was a pretty quick turnaround; and with their project vision nearing it's completion by the end of this year, these pieces will fall perfectly in place.
  • Good, WiMax is garbage! 2500mhz spectrum...ok 2.5Ghz whatever, is allergic to buildings, its absolutely horrrrrrrrid. I almost never had 4G coverage with my Nexus S, returned it before the 30 days were up, got a Thunderbolt and have 4G almost everywhere I go in the Chicago land area. LTE is the future, speeds are incredibly fast. Using 3G is almost torture after using LTE constantly now.
  • Good for you,,, but this is not a Thunderbolt post, or a verizon post, or a verizon lte post.. Some people just have to have something negative to say...
  • I'm just saying that WiMax is horrible tech, even if you have coverage, It goes in and out. And in a building is useless. The Wifi Hotspot didn't even work on 4G on the Nexus S, only 3G.
  • No, Wimax is horrible the way Clearwire rolled it out. Wimax has a top speed of 128Mbps when used correctly. Regardless I use 3G to save my battery and WiFi for really large (20MB+) files. I don't need LTE or even WiMax for anything in the market or any mobile webpages, so I don't see the draw of being the fastest downloader on the block. I don't see the point of all those Fast and the Furious movies either though.
  • WiMax is not horrible tech. What makes WiMax suck is the spectrum it was assigned to use which is 2.5Ghz. 2.5Ghz (2500Mhz) spectrum has a hard time penetrating buildings.
    Unlike Verizon's which has their 4G network on the 800Mhz spectrum. The smaller the cells are, the better coverage and building penetration you're going to get. Sprint is going to use 800mhz spectrum it got from acquiring Nextel and use it for its LTE which should be equally or probably even faster than Verizon's. Why would it most like be faster than verizons? Because verizon's network is over populated, they have had many towers crash because of the load of users using it. So which one should I choose? I choose Sprint, why? Because with their new Network Vision upgrade that should be completed by the end of 2013, would have a better coverage than Verizon and At&t. I'm have been sprint customer for 12 years already and I can honestly say that Verizon is far faster and reliable at the moment. I'm Fortunate to live in the Bay Area and according to Sprint All of the bay area has 4G coverage with absolutely no dead zones. Inside my house i get 8MB download and 6MB upload with 4G. Outside almost everywhere I go I get about 14MB download and 10MB upload. Not as impressive as verizon but on a phone you only need about 2MB download for apps and videos to load with out drag. So picking between which technology is faster shouldn't be a concern. Coverage and Spectrum range is key here.
  • Wimax is not bad, the problem is if your area never got good coverage you wont be getting it anytime. Clearwire is broke and they are not expanding their service, and sprint knows there is no point expanding wimax anyways since LTE hands down is better. I have the nexus and I never loose service in my house and thats 4g, I am in very well covered area and wimax service is really good here. I am getting the evo 3d though, because nexus does have some problems and that is the battery taking 6 hours to charge, its horrible. Sprint is actually making money off this, as it was reported in the earlier rumor last month LightSquared is actually paying sprint 20 billion of 15 years to actually use sprint's existing infrastructre to launch their LTE service, it is actually good for both companies since Lightsquared will have to spend arm and leg to build up their own network. sprint is the underdog and they both could use each other. Only thing wrong is the issuse with gps signal, I am sure they will get it sorted out.
  • What does this mean for people in a without Wiimax coverage? Will we have to wait even LONGER for them to implement LTE to get some 4g action?!
  • Unfortunately, probably. I have to pay the extra fees for years and still no WiMax to cover our 1.7 million person area. I guess it will never come now. But it might also mean that non WiMax areas might be up first for LTE coverage (since that would make sense).
  • WiMax didn't factor into my decision to come to Sprint. I came to Sprint for the Simply Everything Plan and to escape the clutches of AT&T. Since Sprint will eventually get LTE thanks to this deal, We can look forward to that in the future. I'm still getting the Photon because having CDMA in the USA and GSM for going on Tour in Europe, is far more important to me than WiMax and even LTE. But it's nice to know we will have it too.
  • Hopefully they will light up Phoenix first! I'm not upgrading my Evo 4g to the 3D until they do so. I thought I read somewhere Phoenix will be the first WiMax/LTE city?
  • Wimax coverage is weak in Atlanta anyway. The only place I can get WiMax coverage is at my desk at work. Too many floors up or down and I get no 4G, but that doesn't matter. I get WiFi all over the city and 3G works fine for all of my needs anyway. Better battery life. This is definitely good news for Sprint.
  • They cant be ditching WiMax. Sprint continues to release new phones with Wimax radios. Maybe the EVO3D has a secret LTE radio...
  • That would be nice seeing as I am in metro Detroit with NO Wiimax, and I can't see them continuing to build Wiimax towers, OH and also I pre-ordered the E3D, SO NO 4G FOR MEES!
  • Wimax is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • No one ever said Sprint was ditching wimax. This deal is a couple years away or at least a year and some change...
  • Calm down: http://www.directionsmag.com/articles/whats-the-deal-with-the-lightsquar... LightSquared's GPS issues were when they were looking to broadcast 4G in the L-band, or right around 1600MHz. That's the issue that would cause GPS conflicts. Sprint would likely deploy LTE in the 800MHz band currently filled with iDEN, which poses zero threat to GPS. It's Win-Win. Sprint gets someone to pay them 20 billion to deploy LTE, and LightSquared gets a business partner with the spectrum they so desperately need since the FCC was about to essentially shut them down.
  • Tried to tell the idiots up above this.....
  • Sprint only has 14mhz of spectrum in the 800mhz band. Meaning they can only do a 5x5 LTE at that band.. Plus, it is already known, Sprint is moving CDMA 1X Advanced to 800mhz. 5x5 is nothing!! EVDO Rev B can hit speeds similar to what you can get on 5x5 LTE. Looks like Sprint will need to go to 1900mhz, once CDMA is moved to 800mhz or stick to 2.5ghz, where WiMax currently sits. And using the 2.5ghz band means Sprint will need to lease it from Clearwire, since the 2.5ghz band belongs to them. Sprint's still in a pickle, unless LightSquared has spectrum in an area what doesn't interfere with GPS, they can get spectrum from other partners likes cable companies or they somehow get everyone on CDMA/iDEN moved to 800mhz CDMA 1X Advanced to free up their 1900mhz for LTE. I think they will try the last option I said... The question is, how fast can they get their network upgraded to multimode (Network Vision) and how quickly can they get new handsets on the customers hand to get everyone off of 1900mhz???
  • Grr.
    Sent from my nexus s wimax(which I still don't have at home, work or play)
  • Don't know if it was a misprint, but a couple of Motorola Photon reviews stated that it was WiMax AND LTE compatible with the CDMA and GSM. And the GSM specs looked to be in the right spectrum. I asked this very question of a Sprint employee in a Forum earlier today. He said that Sprint had a very definite and solid plan for LTE but that Sprint hadn't mentioned to them if the Photon was to support the LTE in their plan. It will be nice if it does since the specs look so good. And Moto has just partnered with Sprint to provide, I believe, 10 new phones. I've known for months that Sprint has been testing the coexistence of WiMax, and LTE on their networks in a small market. I've had good sources on that, but didn't have a date.
  • It would be an added bonus if the Photon does support LTE, but if it doesn't, I'm still getting it anyway.
  • I believe that sprint employee was me and yes this announcement is just the tip of the iceberg someone above stated sprint has put on its "A" game. Man if you guys only knew. Sprint will have have WITHOUT QUESTION thee most INSANE lineup of devices/tablets to choose from this summer/holiday season trust there will be something for everyone even BB Lovers. Its going to be Epic. Mark my words sprint WILL be the number one carrier in the nation they are playing chess not checkers and honestly speaking it's 80% thanks to the Evo 4G it's. Like the PS2 of the phone world remember when PS2 first came out Dvd's were still kinda new it was insane ended dreamcast in a matter of months it was truely epic by definition of impact on popular culture. The Evo has created that wow factor. Apples even biting it android yes but the Evo is arguably the most popular android device out there. I actually see more evidence than IPhone 4.. 's when I'm out and about. I know there's more iPhones out there put the Evo is on par. When people come into our store they say how much that phone u guys carry that's better than the iPhone.
  • How cares how nice a device is if it can't be used because of the network? I've got the use an Airrave, at home, because Sprint's signal drops all the sudden. I'm taking from 4 bars to nothing; causing me to roam on Verizon, until Sprint's signal comes back, unless I'm on the Airave. Last the other day, on a email list I'm on about that is related to question in my county, someone asked is anyone else was having issues with Sprint in the last 3 or 4 days. They said, they went from having good service at home to a signal that's so low, they can no longer place a call. There was a flood of responses telling this person to drop Sprint and how these other people moved to Verizon or AT&T because of Sprint's lack of network coverage. I don't know what's going on with Sprint, but if they don't maintain their existing coverage, they're going to lose customers. No customers = no revenue, and no revenue means no network upgrade.
  • You are right 3rdCoDef. The recent reference was you. And you certainly deserve the credit. I would love to pick your brain more, but I know a forum isn't the place to do that... especially considering your employer. I did have some great info a few months ago from a Clearwire field tester. And for the people that bash Sprint... I had AT&T for years. Coverage was great, but my wife and I used to drop calls every day on her way home in a major city while signal strength was great. Very annoying. I switched to Sprint a year ago. Dropped calls went away. I live 1000 ft from a WiMax tower and penetration is terrible inside my home. So, I LOVE this LTE news. I hope they can move fast on it. I'm in the Houston area so I'm willing to wait on Sprint and give them a chance to get to no. 1. Good phones, Unlimited data at current pricing, LTE, and broader coverage could get them there. P.S.• 3rdCoDef- If you can share any more with just me, my email is: np77375@gmail.com
  • The Federal Communications Commission has approved the previously announced HTC EVO 3D for the Sprint network with an interesting and unannounced spec. The FCC has confirmed that the EVO 3D supports 800MHz CDMA in the ESMR band. The ESMR 800MHz band is what Sprint uses for its iDEN network. Sprint eventually plans to transition the ESMR band from iDEN to CDMA as part of its expansive network improvement initiative. Once that transition is complete and Sprint ports its voice services to the ESMR spectrum, the HTC EVO 3D will be able to make use of it. So it looks like the EVO 3D is ready for LTE.
  • 800mhz CDMA =/= 800mhz LTE Sprint LTE is 1-2 years away in the BIGGEST markets, buy the EVO 3D, like me and everyone else is doing, and worry about a Sprint LTE phone for your NEXT purchase, a few years from now.
  • Wait... You just said that the 800 MHz spectrum Sprint has is using the iDEN network technology right? And that they plan to switch it over from iDEN to CDMA? That doesn't sound right... LTE is a GSM technology, not CDMA, so how exactly does that make the Evo 3D LTE ready?
  • I think dsoto is confused. Looks like he/she thinks the frequency used, makes the technology. The best way I can explain it is that frequency (800mhz, 1900mhz, 2.5ghz, etc) is like roads (Dirt road, curvy road, super hwys) and technology (LTE, CDMA, GSM, WiMAx) are the vehicles that travel on these roads. ok.. Back to your question... 1st you need to get out of your mind about upgrade path. It doesn't matter if LTE evolved from the group that setup GSM or if it came from thin air. All you need to be aware of is that it's new and it's capable of very fast speeds. 2nd, The EVO 3D is NOT LTE capable. It doesn't have a chipset that supports it. It uses the MSM8660 (Soc), which supports GSM, CDMA (supports 1X Advanced) and EVDO, but it does NOT support LTE or WiMax. WiMax, on this phone, is support with a separate chip.. Last I heard it was the SQN1310. The original EVO 4G used SQN1210. 3rd, Based on the FCC info about the EVO 3D, it looks like it will be able to run at 800mhz (Where iDen currently sits), using CDMA 1X Advanced. Not sure how quickly Sprint can get their cell sites upgraded, but when Sprint moved turns on CDMA at 800mhz, the EVO 3D will be able to use it. 4th, The EVO 3D's SoC (MSM8660) does support EVDO Rev B. If Sprint upgrades to EVDO Rev B for data, as part of Network Vision, we might see speeds of 14.7mbs down and 5.4mbs up. That's similar to Clearwire's current WiMax and Verizon's LTE speeds. EVDo Rev B is like HSPA +, but on the CDMA side...a upgrade to existing technology being used. http://www.qualcomm.com/products_services/airlinks/index.html 5th... No matter what frequencies the EVO 3D can utilize, it will NOT support LTE. It just can't because there's nothing in the phone that can support it. Now if HTC would have used the MSM8960 SoC in it, it had a chance of doing LTE, but NOT with the current chipset.
  • Nice, when my 2 year stint with the evo 3d is up, by then I will be able to get the evo 4D LTE 4g.
  • Lmao!
  • Didn't the FCC clear the Evo 3D for 800ghz?
  • Whoa!!! 800,000 MHz! That'd be insane! :P
  • And now from sprint a Phone so powerful that when you use it it will give the guy across the street brain cancer! But think high speed internet and reheating your coffee all in one single call.
  • Bwahahahahaha!! Sprint's going to put a cell site in every 20 feet or so to get coverage at 800ghz!! I can't wait to get multiple cell sites in my home!
  • I keep hearing people say that sprints coverage sucks, I can only assume they are not sprint customers. I have sprint, I am a truckdriver and I get good coverage almost everywhere I go. And I go all over the place. Seriously, if you don't have the service and only like to talk about how good big red is, please find a different place to do it.
  • You pretty much summed it up right there. I know some people who say Sprint sucks were Sprint customers 10 years ago, so they are basing their opinion off of the service way back then. Others are just ignorant.
  • I've based my negative comments about Sprint based on service 10 years ago and then giving them another try two years ago. I live in Phoenix, the 6th largest city in the country and their coverage hadn't improved at all in those intervening years. Their customer service got worse, and as soon as my contract ended I bolted. I know Sprint supporters have a hard time believing anything other than what they want to believe, but people talk about how bad their coverage is for a very legitimate reason.
  • The bottom line is that every carrier has bad coverage areas, not just Sprint. Every carrier offers spotty customer service, sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's not just a Sprint issue.
  • I've had big red, the service isn't any better
  • Stop making assumptions that their coverage is good everywhere because where you drive, you don't have problems. We can make an assumption that you only drive a local route, in a big city, as a truck driver, and that's why you don't see coverage issues. I live about 5 miles away from I-95 and coverage in my county generally sucks, with Sprint and T-Mobile, unless you're near a interstate. I'm in Cecil County, MD... If you're a long haul truck driver and happen to drive down I-95, take a drive around this county, You'll see spotty service, especially if you're on the west side of I-95. Go ahead and drive Rt 222 along the Susquehanna River then tell me how good Sprint's service is compared to Verizon. I think you'll be singing a different tune then.
  • Boy...screws me, this is becoming a nightmare. Sprint data card, just re upped for 2 years and got 3G/wimax device, and now this. Was hoping for wimax would get to me late this year, wireless internet or sat Internet only options for me now this. And my sprint speed is getting worse every month, maybe just have to move.....I digress
    Living in open spaces out of city has the draw backs
  • This will not affect you in ANY WAY for many years.
  • But sprint won't keep expanding wimax while going down the lte route now, i can still understand/see it being around, but can you see them expanding that service? It's going to be years before big red or at&t get lte here..sprint was first 3g carrier in my area. oh well
  • Good question. But I have no answer. It is quite possible they will continue to expand but with LTE instead- and target the non-WiMax areas FIRST. In which case, you would be no worse than before (except maybe some delay during the development phase). I hear you though- I live in a metropolis of 6+ connected cities, representing 1.7+ million people. We have no WiMax coverage.
  • I can see Sprint pushing the LTE service quickly. they are starting to lose market share in the Enterprise environment to Big Red and Big Blue. I live in the SF Bay Area (Namely Way East Bay) and their WiMax coverage in Oakland is Horrible everything East of Oakland does not have 4G service till you get to Stockton, CA (The Home of the Housing Meltdown). I see them filling in the wholes of Major Markets first and fast. When you have a population base of 7.5 Million people and one of the leading markets for high tech companies Sprints service in the 4G market is a black eye. I work at a County Ran Hospital and because of all the new Tablets that are hitting the market we are looking at giving the Dr.s some cool new communication tools and maybe walking away from sprint for faster pastures.
  • Wimax towers are 6 stories tall so anything above 6 normally doesnt get signal. All of these towers are supposedly LTE compatible which I haven't seen anyone mention yet. Sprint needs to aquire Clearwire next.
  • Does Sprint have the funds to acquire Clearwire? Sprint is trading at $5.19
  • There you have it folk's, Sprint is ready to play some ball with the big boys :) They've made some great moves with getting to 4G first, releasing successful devices and now making a move that will keep them up to speed with the other big boys. Good news, glad I have no plans on leaving Sprint anytime soon :)
  • This is sooo awesome!!!
  • Isn't there an 800 mhz radio in the Evo 3D? If so, couldn't it be compatible with LS LTE if they use the spectrum for its deployment?
  • Yes it has a 800mhz radio. No, it will NOT support LTE. Just because a car has a battery in it, doesn't make it a hybrid. The radio has nothing to do with what technology a given device can use.
  • I too am looking for some intelligent information about the 800 mhz radio in the Evo 3d...
  • iDen (Nextel) currently uses the 800mhz spectrum. Sprint's current CDMA service sits at 1900mhz. As Sprint starts to decom iDen, Sprint will start migrate CDMA service to 800mhz using CDMA 1X Advanced. All the EVO 3D has is that antenna, in it, as a preparation for that eventual switch over. The 800mhz radio in the EVO 3D has NOTHING to do with LTE!!!
  • I just want 4g at home, work and play. Annoying..
  • Don't hold your breath on this. Nextgov.com reports that "Based on multiple tests of the LightSquared system to date, Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, which has jurisdiction over space and satellite systems, called on FCC to rescind the conditional operational waiver it granted LightSquared in January. The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, whose membership includes other groups representing fire and police chiefs, sheriffs and ambulance operators, told FCC in a filing yesterday that the LightSquared system could interfere with a variety of public safety GPS systems, including radios, dispatch networks and cellular emergency 911 calls." link to article
    http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20110616_5913.php?oref=topnews Considering that the GPS interference can extend up to 185 MILES, and that DOD has also requested this be killed, I think this is a non-starter.
  • That nextgov article was written on the 16th. The leak of this deal came out on the 18th. In other words, this deal between LightSquared and Sprint is probably a response/solution to the FCC's decision. From what other people are saying, LightSquare now needs Sprint's spectrum to continue their plans and this deal is the result. On top of that, I doubt Sprint would jump into this without first doing some research...
  • It also probably got Sprint a premium price for the spectrum they are letting LightSpeed use. This is a good thing. I know I won't see a phone using LTE for a while, which is OK. My Evo 4G is still a great phone. I just wish WiMax would work better in my office, home, etc.
  • I think that it is great but my issue is like other Sprint customers you don't have Wimax set up completely for customers who have already bought the current 4G phones.
  • Nerdgasm.... Yeah Sprint! Good move
  • I've been a Sprint customer for over 13 years now and have never had an issue with coverage anywhere I have been (Southern cali, northern cali, Seattle, Las Vegas, Raleigh-Durham, Roanoke, Dallas, Chicago, etc). My biggest gripe with all of this WiMax vs LTE and 4G talk is that Sprint still hasn't put up WiMax in my city, a city that happens to be one of the 10 biggest in the U.S. (over 3 million people) and the home to the manufacturer of the vast majority of chipsets used in Sprints devices (Qualcomm). I am happy with my coverage, price and customer service (huge difference now vs a few years ago), but having an EVO and not being able to access one of the most compelling features of the phone is really starting to wear on me.
  • Hmm i'm really wanting to get the SGS 2! But dont want to be stuck in a 2 year contract and possibly not be able to get a new Sprint LTE device or utilize their new LTE service....
  • The only people who should be happy about this are people who already have WiMAX. I would be seriously pissed if I had already gotten a 4g phone from Sprint with the hope they will bring WiMAX to my area. Probably won't happen now.
  • In the past I've had issues with Sprint customer service but that has greatly improved over the last 4-5 years....I've never had connection problems with drop calls & such....Good to hear that Sprint will be doing this.....something for all us Sprint customers to look forward to....Just hoping once all of this is finalized Sprint won't be hiking up the 4G price to $20.00 or something....
  • In the past I've had issues with Sprint customer service but that has greatly improved over the last 4-5 years....I've never had connection problems with drop calls & such....Good to hear that Sprint will be doing this.....something for all us Sprint customers to look forward to....Just hoping once all of this is finalized Sprint won't be hiking up the 4G price to $20.00 or something....
  • This is for the idiots that don't do their homework and comment about Sprints coverage with lightsquared. The difference with this LTE 4g from the likes of Verizon is that not only will it be a faster network(insider specs)but it will cover any dead areas with Satellite coverage while normal areas use terrestrial sites. What that means? Coverage everywhere where the other carriers don't get coverage. Did that light bulb go off yet Einstein???
  • Sprint/Lightsquared LTE > Verizon LTE, AT&T 4G, T-Mo fake 4G.(note that Lightsquared uses satellite coverage for non terrestrial areas). Game, set, match!
  • Sprint teams up with LightSquared http://wp.me/p1yzb4-18F
  • I bought a Photon as soon as it was on the market, along with a promise that 4G was coming soon, within months or weeks to my area. I had to get rid of sprint after only a few months because they kept charging me $300 every month that was bogus. Their support sucks too, and I cant spend 12 hours a month on the phone with them to over and over explain the bogus charge. So anyways, I got out of the contract. My Photon STILL has no 4G 2 years later, and I see sprint now has LTE coverage everywhere. Since my $600 phone still after 2 years has no 4G as they promised me, (they abandoned the type of 4G they sold everyone!) I believe I should get a new or remanufactured one as a trade for mine.