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Sonos adds podcasts to its streaming lineup with Spreaker

If you're looking to stream your favorite podcasts in all of their high-def glory on your Sonos speakers, there's some good news today. Spreaker has announced that its podcast service is now integrated into the Sonos Controller App for Android.

If you want to get started with the service, setting it up to stream on your Sonos speakers is a pretty simple affair:

Just start with a Sonos speaker, your smartphone, and a WiFi connection to begin streaming Spreaker in any room of your home. From within the Sonos Controller App on both iOS and Android devices, go to 'Add Music Services' from your home menu and navigate to Spreaker to add your account and begin listening.

In addition to its newly christened Sonos Controller App integration, Spreaker also has standalone apps for both Android (opens in new tab) and iOS (opens in new tab) that provide access to millions of episodes, shows, and songs.

And you can get Android Central on Spreaker here!

  • Sadly, it doesn't look like you can associate a Spreaker account with your Sonos controller, so there's no way to sign up for specific podcasts that you want to follow. Instead, you have to wade through a huge directory of podcasts. Without a search feature. Nice. Why is this so hard?
  • Yeah I had the same experience... plus, my favorite podcasts (AC excluded) are not there...
  • The UI and search results are nothing short of mind boggling.