Galaxy S5 owners with 'Warning: Camera Failed' errors advised to contact support

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fantastic camera, but it seems that enough owners of the new Samsung flagship have experienced errors that Verizon is taking support action to rectify. The error, simply described as "Warning: Camera Failed" freezes the camera app on launch and requires a reboot of the phone. Needless to say, that's not an acceptable issue for any user, and Galaxy S5 owners that encounter the issue are being advised to contact their carrier support for assistance.

The issue has proven prevalent enough that Verizon took to Twitter, telling Galaxy S5 customers plagued by the waring that they should contact Verizon support (@VZWsupport, naturally), and that they may just end up replacing the phone:

Galaxy S5 users in our own forums have also encountered the issue, with the error popping up on Sprint as well as Verizon. BGR is also reporting that Sprint has been replacing affected Galaxy S5 units, as have other carriers.

There's some sort of fatal glitch affecting a portion of the user base of Galaxy S5 owners. It's not everybody — we haven't encountered this on any Galaxy S5 in our possession, but it's enough users and bad enough that the carriers are resorting to replacing the phone outright. What exactly is wrong, we're not certain — all we can say right now is that if you are seeing this glitch, you should go ahead and contact your carrier for support.

Source: @VZWnews

Derek Kessler

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