Software update v4.5.141 for AT&T Motorola ATRIX now available - Includes security and stability fixes

If you're a AT&T Motorola Atrix owner, you'll want to go ahead and check for software updates. Many folks in the Android Central forums have reported that v4.5.141 is now rolling out to the masses. It's not Ice Cream Sandwich in any way but the changelog does highlight some issues folks may have been having with their device. As noted by Motorola:

  • Security - Implemented latest Google Android security fixes 
  • Stability - Improvements to memory function as it relates to media applications and ability to prevent need for re-booting when phone is impacted by heavy loading or high temperatures
  • Bluetooth - Enhancement which allows you to launch voice command from bluetooth enabled headset when phone is asleep
  • Wi-Fi - Improvements to Wi-Fi settings to deliver better overall consumer experience as well as  to make it easier to use Mobile Hotspot with your phone
  • Messaging - Improvements to text messaging capability to deliver better user experience
  • Contacts - Improvements are made to maintain all phone book contacts after the OTA upgrade

Security and stability -- that's what we like to hear. Ice Cream Sandwich would have been better but we'll take what we can get since we know Motorola is still working on things,

Source: Motorola