Save $200 on the ultimate Surface Duo bundle ahead of Black Friday

Surface Duo Pen Headphones
Surface Duo Pen Headphones (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo is available as part of a new bundle that shaves $200 off of its price.
  • The bundle brings the Duo down to $1,200, but you still have to shell out for a Slim Pen and Surface Earbuds.
  • The total price comes to $1,469 and the bundle is available at the Microsoft Store.

We've seen a couple of stellar Surface Duo deals land ahead of the Black Friday rush, but a new bundle at Microsoft packs everything you'll need into one. Plus, it'll save you some serious cash. Altogether, the deal brings together a Surface Duo, Surface Slim Pen, and Surface Earbuds for $200 off.

The sale comes off the cost of the Duo itself. That brings the starting price of the 128GB model down to $1,200. If you go up to the 256GB storage model, it's priced at $1,300. You'll still have to pay for the Surface Slim Pen and Surface Earbuds, but you'll get them at a discount as well.

The Surface Slim Pen drops from $145 to $105, while the Surface Earbuds drop from $200 to $164 as part of the bundle. The total price when paired with the 128GB Surface Duo comes out at $1,496, while the 256GB option takes it to $1,569. You also have the option to add accessories to your order, along with a Microsoft 365 subscription, protection plan, and more.

There's a chance we could see more Surface Duo deals pop up as we approach Black Friday, and Microsoft is already planning some other solid deals. Still, if you want to get the complete Surface Duo experience, pairing it up with a Slim Pen and Surface Earbuds while saving a nice chunk of money is as solid as it gets.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster