SlingPlayer beta for Google TV opens soon

SlingBox has announced that the SlingPlayer for connected devices beta will soon be coming to Google TV.  that means users with a SlingBox Solo or Pro-HD will soon be able to use Google TV to watch programming from their SlingBox on any Google TV with an Internet connection, in addition to using the mobile version of SlingPlayer on their smartphones.

This is a great way to get more content on Google TV, which has seen content providers block access until they figure out how to license for it.  Word is, the SlingPlayer for connected devices is more of a stand alone WebApp than a native Android application, and will be working it's way to other devices eventually.  This also means you won't have to wait for Google to get Honeycomb and the Android Market onto your Google TV unit to try it out.  If you want to try to get in on the action, hit the source link to sign up for the beta.  We have a video demo of the app in action after the break.

Source: SlingBox via Engadget

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • This is pretty awesome. I was just asked yesterday by a family member about how to play their home TV at another person's house on their TV and I found out the the Sling Catcher was discontinued a year ago. I have an Hava Player myself but this may make me convert.
  • i dont know...seems redundant.
  • ive been waiting for this. i hate the cable providers in my area (att uverse and cablevision). so i will hook my slingbox up at my dads house to his fios box and receive it on my google tv. its fantastic!
  • It would be better for SlingMedia to focus on getting a Slingbox that was compatible with Google TV's HDMI hookup rather than focus on Slingplayer software for Google TV. I just want to be able to have a Slingbox and a Google TV device connected to the same cable box.
  • AWESOME! Now I can watch my TV at home from the comfort of my livingroom, RIGHT ON MY TV! It'll be like I'm right in front of the TV! Man these geeks think of everything! Whats next? A blue-ray player that lets me also watch Blue Ray movies through my slingbox through my logitech vue, through google tv through a built in app on my Vizio TV?
  • You do know what Slingbox is used for right? If that other TV you wanted to watch was in Japan and your Slingbox was hooked up in Florida, then yes, it is pretty awesome.
  • Yes, akshully, I own a Slingbox....and if I happen to be traveling to Japan, its very unlikely that I'd pack my google tv gizmo(which I don't own) so I could watch my Slingbox...I have a Xoom with an hdmi port..I'd load my Slingbox app on that and hook it up to any tv I want without needing to carry around an extra box with its myriad of cables and power supply. I really don't see the point of this. Maybe if I had google tv I'd understand.