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Skype Mobile for Verizon coming March 25th, this Thursday

It's almost here! Skype Mobile for Verizon Wireless will become available on March 25th. As in this coming Thursday. As in all Verizon customers with smartphones and data plans will be able to download Skype Mobile and use it to:

  • make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to anyone else on Skype around the globe
  • send and receive unlimited instant messages with other people on Skype
  • call international phone numbers at our low rates

We've been waiting for Skype Mobile to officially launch on Verizon (and to a greater extent, Android devices) ever since we heard of it and we're excited to see how it'll work. The app will work on the Motorola Droid, Droid Eris, and Motorola Devour (and other assorted Blackberrys). Who's excited for some Skype on their Android device?

  • I'm excited about it, I've been waiting forever for it on Verizon.
  • I am more excited for this than 2.1
  • Uhh.. what's so groundbreaking about an 'official' skype app? Alternative clients like fring, Nimbuzz and Vopium have been around for a while now...
  • I guess you can't recieve real-time Skype video with the slow 3G connection, or they would have done that. What is it, 600kb/sec? Seems like that is fast enough for some kind of live video... And what does Verizon have to do with this, anyway? Skype just uses the internet connection like everything else. Hmm...
  • I'm not positive, but I know that, at least on Verizon, it doesn't count against your data or your minutes. Other carriers may count it against your data usage. This is just a guess, I could be completely wrong.
  • just wondering... can we port this to non verizon devices? ;)
  • Watch... Postponed... Launch TBD. lol
  • allowing a single phone number to ring several different devices at the same time. But sending SMS was like sending smoke signals, in having to wait 15-plus minutes for a reply to be pulled from their servers. (Though that was by default, and you could speed it up to 5 minutes.) Google posted updated the service, allowing inbox synchronization, allowing nearly instant messaging, and an overall performance boost. Another great thing is that they have disabled the SMS forwarding by default when this is selected, so no duplicate SMS settings to worry about, and they added additional features such as the ability to click on a contacts picture and respond to voicemail via email or SMS. Remember, this is still in beta, and requires an invite, so if you have not already, request yours here, and for those using it, this is a must-have update Compare Credit Cards
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  • Will this instal as an app, or an ota? Could new a pita because allot of us are rooted
  • You will be able to install an actual Skype app onto your phone.
  • Unlimited Skype-to-Skype globally = awesome. Wonder about the battery usage on my mobile, as well as the call quality of Skype once the masses hit. No WiFi?!! Whaaaaat?! What kind of move is that?
  • Wow
    Google Droid w/ Android 2.0.1:
    Sorry, Skype Mobile is not available for your phone. WTF? Sorry but your princess is in another cancel alongside the Android 2.1