Sharp introduces two new series of Smart TVs with Android TV on-board

Sharp's latest TV lines, the UH30 and UE30, will be the first televisions from the company that include Android TV built-in. With sizes ranging from 60 to 80 inches, the inclusion of Android TV lets you watch shows, play games, and even listen to music with ease. Pairing the 4K display with Android TV, Sharp hopes to offer the best experience and quality for playback.

These new units are now shipping to retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, HHGreg, and others. Pricing for the 70-inch version of the UE30 series is $2,099, while the UH30 variant goes for $3,299. Amazon is currently running deals on both models, so be sure to check them out before the prices go back up.

Purchase the 70-inch UE30 Sharp 4K TV for $2,299 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Purchase the 70-inch UH30 Sharp 4K TV for $2,599 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Press release:


Sharp's 4K Ultra HD Line-up Now Includes 9 Models in Screen Class Sizes Ranging from 43" – 80"

Mahwah, N.J. (June 10, 2015) – Sharp's AQUOS® 4K Ultra HD UH30 and UE30 series have joined Sharp's 4K Ultra HD lineup on retailers' shelves nationwide, expanding Sharp's 4K Ultra HD offering to 9 models in screen class sizes ranging from 43 to 80 inches. With four times the pixel resolution of Full HD, Sharp's Revelation™ Upscaler, which displays all content at near-4K quality, and the addition of Android TV, the Sharp AQUOS UE30 series and flagship UH30 series provide an amazing picture and access to amazing content, all the time.

Introducing Android TV

The UH30 and UE30 series are Sharp's first TVs to come equipped with Android TV™, bringing the world's most popular mobile operating system to your Sharp 4K Ultra HD TV. Android TV allows you to watch hit shows, timeless movies and viral videos from Google Play, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, PBS Kids and more. You can easily search apps, or if you know what you want to watch, use voice search and Android TV will find it.

With Android TV you can immerse yourself in console-style Android games such as Final Fantasy, NBA Jam and Badland. The Google Cast feature allows you to cast content from popular apps such as HBO Go, Pandora and WatchESPN from your Android or iOs device straight to your Sharp 4K Ultra HD TV.

The UE30 and UH30 feature breakthrough picture technologies like AquoMotion™ 480 and 960, respectively, to reduce motion blur in fast action scenes, and AquoDimming™, which controls each pixel to reveal detail in dark areas.

Easy connectivity is at your fingertips in both the UH30 and UE30 series with four HDMI® inputs equipped with the latest 4K specs, an SD card reader (UH30 only) and built-in Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth®. The UE30 series includes models in 60" (diag.), 70" (69.5" diag) and 80" (diag.), while the UH30 is available in 70" (69.5" diag.) and 80" (diag.) Class screen sizes. The sleek, modern design of these TVs give a near-frameless look and both the UE30 and UH30 70" and 80" Classes offer the option to attach the stand at the corners of the screen or closer together to best complement your furniture.

Wider Color

The flagship Sharp AQUOS UH30 series sets a new standard in picture quality, featuring SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display, which provides a 21 percent wider color spectrum than conventional LED HDTVs. SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display produces the most vibrant and diverse color, making each frame incredibly life-like. With more shades of red and green, you experience realistic landscapes, lush nature scenes and natural skin tones. Sharp's exclusive SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display brings color to the next level, ensuring the picture is stunning and bursting with color.

Additionally, the UH30 70" (69.5" diag.) Class passed 400+ picture quality tests to earn THX® 4K-certification, ensuring every pixel delivers precisely the scene the director intended. The UH30 series comes with a touchpad remote, allowing for easier content discovery and a microphone for voice command.

The Sharp AQUOS UE30 and UH30 series are now shipping to retailers nationwide including Best Buy, hh gregg and Amazon.

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  • Keep telling yourself that. Four times, the resolution, a third of the weight and power consumption.
  • Weight and power consumption have no bearing on image quality. Also, the higher resolution doesn't matter if you're not playing a game at 4k. Image scaling is NOT a good thing as it introduces input lag (of which LCD-based sets are notorious for), and image distortion. Plasma does offer better image quality than LCD-based technology, and that's factual. However, I'd be concerned about burn-in. For my own personal tastes, I'd take LCD over Plasma for primary gaming due to that issue alone (majority of games have some form of static HUD). Friend of mine had a permanent ESPN ticker and parts of the COD HUD burned into his display. But hey, the blacks looked blacker! :)
  • I do not think anyone makes plasma any more. Could be wrong, but I think Panasonic was the last hold out and they abandoned ship recently. So comparison is mute going forward. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung and LG are the last remaining companies and both have announced plans to make plasma HDTVs through at least the remainder of 2015 (to include new product launches). So the point is not moot, or "mute" as you put it :)
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  • It's just an on screen guide to channels. It's a hidden app on the Nexus Player that turns on when you install a compatible app, such as Pluto TV.
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