Sharing apps

Sharing app links is easy — especially via Google+

Apps in Google Play are plentiful, and when you get right down to it, finding good apps can sometimes be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, or a diamond in the rough. And diamonds are awesome, so you should share them with your friends when you find them. Sharing them on Google's own social platform Google+ is a little easier than most other platforms, but sharing your apps with the world certainly isn't hard, especially when you're doing it on your Android device.

Time to socialize.

The People section — why you should always +1

The often overlooked People section

When you find an app that you've used and decided you like, the first thing you should always do is +1 it in Google Play. The second thing you should do is review it. Not only does this help the app ascend through the ranks to become a popular, top-rated app, but your +1s and reviews can be found by your friends in the People section of Google Play's app — which we covered earlier this month in our Ultimate Guide to Google Play. It may not be something highly utilized, but don't think that means it's not worth doing. That review shows up more than one place, after all.

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It's always nice to get a second opinion

App reviews from friends are prioritized over reviews from strangers in Google Play, so if someone in your circles rated or reviewed an app, you'll see that when you're browsing through it. And your +1s will appear at the top of the app's listing next to download count and category, so +1 it up. We can see them.

Dedicated sharing

When you +1 an app on the Google Play website, it opens a compose window for you to fill in and share the app with whoever you wish. On the app, a +1 is just a +1, but next to it, we have the standard Android share button, which allows us to share apps to Google+ or any other app/social network you desire.

You should share this app. Right now.

I have shared many an app this way, either to sing praises or to scorn. This functionality isn't limited only to the apps in Google Play, as you can share content from the other section of the Play Store easily. And while sharing apps on other social networks is fine and good, sharing them on Google+ offers a bit more.

Sharing music like this is fun, and legal, too!

See, when you share apps/movies/music in Google+ from the Google Play website rather than the app, you aren't just treated to a link to Google Play, your friends are also given the option right there in the post to install the app or to purchase the content you shared with them. In the case of music shared from Google Play, the people you share a song/album/playlist with also get a free play-through to help get them hooked on it before you buy it.

So, do you share apps often? Are you diligent about +1'ing and reviewing the apps you use? Chime in below in the comments.