Seidio active

The HTC EVO 4G LTE is a beautiful device to hold in your hand. While it certainly seems sturdier than say that “other” device from Cupertino, I would not be very happy if I dropped this – either on the face of the device or on the back with the protruding camera lens.

A good case makes me feel better about the investment in the phone and it is good insurance against the unforeseen.

Seidio Active case

Seidio takes a unique approach to case design with the Active series. The case looks good, offers great protection and has some pretty innovative features.


The Seidio Active case is a unique two-piece design.  The first piece is like a skin that slides over the entirety of the phone. The skin seems to be made of silicon and it fits the device perfectly.

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There are indentations in the silicon part of the case to house the Power/Sleep button, the Volume rocker and the Camera button.

Silicon layer

The places for the buttons and the cutouts were really done well on this case; very precise.

There are cutouts in the silicon for the Headphone jack, the Microphones and the Speakers.

Once the silicon skin is slipped on, you snap on a harder plastic or polycarbonate case which clips on in six locations.  The silicon case is indented in those six spots (four corners and sides) and once clipped on was very secure.

The hard plastic shell was a very nice shade of blue with a soft feel to the plastic.

front and back


Cases generally come in two varieties; those that look good and accessorize your phone and those that really protect it if it drops.

Seidio is trying to do both with the Active case for the EVO 4G LTE. My sample came in a royal blue hard plastic shell with the black silicon skin underneath.  The combination of both layers really looks nice, but, most importantly; it offers two layers of protection.

I feel very confident that if I dropped my phone, this case would protect it well.  Every part of the phone is protected. If I lay the phone on its front – the case extends beyond the screen, so it rests on the case.

If I lay the case on the back, the case solves one of the design flaws of the EVO 4G LTE – the protruding camera lens. With the case on, the lens now sits just a hair below being flush with the back of the case. I finally feel like the lens won’t get scratched if I lay this phone down.

Attention to detail

The Seidio Active case is very well made, feels good in the hand and has some nice details.

One particular feature to mention is the way that Seidio handles the kickstand on the EVO 4G. When you put on the Sedio Active case, you lose access to the built in kickstand – that’s right, your built in kickstand is now covered up and useless.

HOWEVER….the Seidio Active case comes with an even better built in kickstand on the back. Knowing that this is one of the quirky yet loveable features on the HTC EVO 4G, Sedio has incorporated a kickstand of its own into the case.


The kickstand is made of a sturdy hinged metal and is much easier to open and close than the kickstand actually built into the device.

The wrap up

The Seidio Active case for the HTC EVO 4G LTE is really a nice case. It fits perfectly, the cutouts and overlays are done well and it offers great protection. The built in kickstand is a nice bonus allowing you to still have the unique functionality, but also have the benefits of protection. The added layer of protection also protects the protruding camera lens – which certainly gives me some peace of mind.

The good

Styling is very rugged
The case is lightweight
Two-piece design protects well
Camera and front of device are protected
Kickstand is a nice touch

The bad

Case makes an already big phone that much bigger
Taking the case off takes  a bit of effort

The verdict

This is a great case to both protect your HTC EVO 4G and give it a little style. If you need a protective case – this is a great option for you.

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