The Potensic T18 1080p GPS drone FPV quadcopter is on sale for $90.99 with code UOE2YJ2M on Amazon. The drone was selling for as high as $160 in July and has been selling more regularly between $130 and $140 since then. Today's drop is the lowest we have ever seen.

Fly you fools!

Potensic T18 1080p GPS drone FPV quadcopter

This drone has up to 10 minutes of flying time and a 300-meter control distance. Use GPS for accurate positioning, including automatic returns for low power or weak signal. Clip its on-page coupon and use the code at checkout to snag this low price.

$70.99 $140.00 $69 off

With coupon: UOE2YJ2M

The price might have dropped suddenly, but the drone is equipped with features to keep it from doing so literally. The quadcopter can stay in the air for up to 10 minutes and has a 300 meter control distance so you can go pretty far. The Dual GPS positioning helps you keep accurate tabs on where your drone is going, too. If the signal starts to fade or the power starts to run low, the drone will automatically return to you. Then all you have to do is charge the battery and get moving again.

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It is also equipped with an HD camera that records in 1080p and uses a 75-degree adjustable angle to capture everything around you in high-quality video. You'll also get high-speed picture transmission. To record the footage, grab a microSD card up to 32GB. Grab several so you don't have to be picky about what footage you're keeping out in the wild.

One of the other neat features is the Follow Me Mode. The drone can tap into the GPS on your smartphone and automatically follow you around, capturing as it goes. You can also use headless mode if you're having trouble keeping track of which part of the drone is the front or back. Headless mode just means whenever you tell it to go left, it will, regardless of where it's pointing. Other features include altitude hold and the ability to takeoff and land with the simple press of a button. These are all great features for beginners or people just getting into a drone hobby.

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