Save $50 and rock out with the Rhythm Edition Nanoleaf panels with this early Black Friday deal

Nanoleaf Aurora Lifestyle
Nanoleaf Aurora Lifestyle (Image credit: Best Buy)

Not all smart lights are created equal or inexpensive, so when there's a Nanoleaf light panel deal — you jump on it. Whether you know it or not, you've probably seen these amazing LED panels in a TV show or for sure in a YouTube video. Lucky for you, Best Buy is running an early Black Friday deal on a nine-panel set of the move-to-music Rhythm Edition panels to save you $50.

Color-changing smart lights are nothing new, but most of the time, you have the bulb hidden away in a light fixture. With the Nanoleaf light panels, that's the last thing you want to do — in fact, you can't. See, these flat LED panels are designed to mount directly to your wall or even to your ceiling with removable double-sided tape. It is even more exciting because each light is designed to link to another panel, allowing you to create some fantastic light features.

This deal is for nine of the original triangle-shaped panels with the Rhythm adapter included. Plugging in this adapter takes what is already great looking lights and allows them to move to sound. That can be a movie or game you're watching, and of course, music too.

Nanoleaf Aurora

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

I love my square-shaped Nanoleaf Canvas panels and remote — yes, a specific remote for lights — and they're both awesome. The smart lighting company is always finding ways to change, not only the shape of lights, but also how lights work within a space.

Nanoleaf has introduced a suite of products known as the Nanoleaf Learning Series designed to connect and react to one another automatically. If you want to give the lighting in your home a bit of personality, you'll want to get in on this deal.

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