Save $10 on the Wemo Insight energy-monitoring smart plug at Amazon

As you start adding more smart tech to your home, the appliances around the house that aren't smart begin to stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, replacing all of the existing devices in your home with smart versions just isn't feasible. That's precisely where smart plugs come in. They are a super handy way to add some intelligence to dumb appliances around your home without spending a fortune and today you can do just that with Belkin's Wemo Insight smart plug at a $10 discount at Amazon. Down to just $29.99 shipped, it's at a record-equalling low there so it's a great time to pick a few up.

Turn electronics on and off with just your voice and get a real-time look at how much energy your devices use. At $10 off, this matches the best price we've ever seen for it at Amazon.

The Insight smart plug is very similar to Belkin's other Wemo smart plugs, but it offers something those don't — energy monitoring. Like any smart plug, you can use this to turn your electronics on and off remotely. You can also use the free Wemo app to set schedules and use the "Away Mode" to simulate you being home while you're not. These plugs work great with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too, so you can use your Echo Dot or Google Home Mini to control your appliances with just your voice.

On top of all that, you can monitor just how much energy your device is using — hence the name Insight. You can even get real-time reports on the energy your device uses. This is particularly great with something like a space heater or other large power-consuming electronic where you want to see just how much power is going into it, or simply see how much energy your TV actually uses when you leave it on standby all day, every day.

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Adam Oram
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