Samsung's UV sanitizer cleans and charges your phone at 40% off

Samsung Uv Sterilizer
Samsung Uv Sterilizer (Image credit: Samsung)

With COVID-19 still blighting our world, personal hygiene has taken center stage as one of the most important means of preventing infection. And while washing your hands regularly is certainly important, let's not forget that your phone may be ten times as dirty as your toilet seat. Yuck!

Thankfully, Samsung's UV Sanitizer is here to save the day with the ability to kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria. And right now it is down to just $29.99 at Amazon — a discount of 40% and a new record low price for it.

Achieve 99% disinfection on your phone and other gadgets and power them up wirelessly with Samsung's UV sanitizer. This is the lowest we've ever seen it go at $20 off.

Samsung's UV Sanitizer is a simple-looking device that thoroughly disinfects both sides of your phone in just about 10 minutes. It's big enough that you can use it to clean phones on the larger side as well as your Galaxy Buds and other thicker devices.

As an added bonus, the sterilizer also doubles as a wireless charger, with 10W Qi charging for your phone or other compatible electronics like wireless earbuds. Sure, that's not the fastest wireless charging experience but it's a nice added extra for when you place your tech items in there.

You can also use Samsung's sanitizer to clean other small non-tech items like keys, glasses, watches, and more if you want to rid those of germs too. The device won't run unless the lid is closed and built-in magnets make sure it stays sealed so you don't risk any exposure to potentially harmful UV-C light.

It's unclear how long this $20 discount will last but you definitely want to snag one of these devices before it jumps back up to $50.

Adam Oram
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