2020 has been a busy year for Samsung, as the company has continued its seemingly monthly-release cycle with new devices and accessories. The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio launched back in October, and makes it possible for you to charge your phone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds in a single place. Despite launching recently, you can get it at its lowest price ever for Black Friday — $70, down from $90 on Amazon.

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Charge all the things: Samsung Wireless Charger Trio | $20 off at Amazon

Thanks to the six built-in coils, the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio is capable of charging up to three devices at once. This includes your smartphone, watch, and headphones, while also providing some of the fastest wireless charging speeds available.

$70 at Amazon

Samsung packed a total of six coils inside of the Charger Trio, ensuring that regardless of how you put your devices on the pad, they will get recharged. There's even a dedicated spot on the right-hand side for a Galaxy Watch to rest, with a nice little divot for the perfect placement. As for what watches are compatible, Samsung states you'll only be able to use the Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active 2, and Watch Active, which is fine since these are the best Android smartwatches anyway.

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An LED indicator on the bottom lets you know when your devices have started to charge, and you'll get speeds of up to 9W. While you'll miss out on fast charging speeds with non-Samsung devices, you can still take advantage of the Charger Trio, with speeds of up to 7.5W for iPhones and 5W for anything else.

Perhaps the best part about this, other than being able to charge everything at once, is that the Charger Trio connects to the wall via a USB-C cable. This means that you aren't limited to using some type of proprietary charging cable that can't be easily replaced if something goes awry.

There are really a lot of great deals on wireless chargers and other smartphone accessories. But Samsung makes some of the best of the best, and now's a great time to grab one of the best wireless chargers and save some dough in the process. There are a lot of other great Samsung Black Friday deals this week on phones, smartwatches, and more so be on the lookout if you need to upgrade or add to your collection.

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