Samsung teases 'Exynos Infinity' ahead of MWC

New mobile processors on the way?

Mobile World Congress

We're just a few days away from Mobile World Congress, and this year's show is a big one for Samsung, with the Galaxy S5 expected to debut at the "Unpacked 5" event on Monday evening. But there's more to Samsung's MWC plans than just phones, it seems. The Samsung Exynos Twitter account has posted the image above, teasing its "latest innovations" ahead of next week's show.

It's unclear what exactly "Exynos Infinity" is at this stage, but the company already detailed some of its CPU plans for 2014 at last year's analyst day. Slides revealed plans to first launch Samsung-branded 64-bit processors based on ARM core designs (as it does with current Exynos chips), before moving onto processors with custom core designs, similar to the way Qualcomm operates.

We're sure to find out more next week in Spain, so stay tuned!

Source: @SamsungExynos

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  • Samsung has a software problem not hardware Posted via Android Central App
  • Are you implying that Samsung should stop working on hardware?
  • No I think he means that when it comes to hardware (internals) Samsung normally delivers pretty well. Posted via Android Central App
  • With the exception of the s4 (originally) they deliver on software too -------------------------------------------
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  • Hopefully Samsung will be able to provide timely Android opsys updates for their proprietary chipsets on their myriad of devices.
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