Samsung is shipping Galaxy S20 units as much as five days early

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bader
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bader (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Galaxy S20 units appear to be arriving as much as five days early.
  • Phone officially goes on sale Friday, March 6.
  • Early buyers should expect a camera patch shortly after release.

Samsung made Galaxy S20 buyers wait almost a month between announcement and release, but the wait is going to be slightly less interminable for some users. Some buyers, including Android Central's own video editor, Hayato Huseman, appear to be getting their devices as early as Tuesday, March 3, instead of the actual Friday, March 6 release date.

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Another friend of the site, XDA Developer COO, Brandon Miniman, is set to receive his Galaxy S20 tomorrow, March 2, after paying for expedited shipping.

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Samsung has been stockpiling Galaxy S20 inventory for at least three months now, as judging by the mid-December manufacturing date of some of the early review units received around the industry. And while reviews of the most expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra indicate that there's still work to be done optimizing the camera, early buyers can expect a patch shortly after the release date.

Has your Galaxy S20 unit shipped earlier than its actual release date? Let us know in the comments below!

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Verizon is not even carrying the base model S20? Just the plus & ultra?
  • Not currently as the regular doesn't have mm wave tech which is the only 5g Verizon currently has. They'll carry it later this year.
  • Mine is supposed to be here in the 4th. Ordered from Sprint.
  • Lucky. I got an email from Samsung about 40 minutes ago. It's just my Buds+ :(
    Phone still processing.
  • Same here and they said no more tradein for promo so only 700.00 for s20 ultra
  • I pre-ordered the S20 Ultra 128GB unlocked from Samsung and got what ever shipping method was free and got mine Friday 2/28 via FedEx. Curiously my Galaxy Buds + and 512GB card didn't ship with it, they are scheduled for delivery also via FedEx tomorrow 3/2. Nearly missed the phone Friday because it required a signature thankfully the FedEx guy came to my house at the same time I was pulling in from work
  • I paid for the expedited shipment and haven't even received a tracking number. I ordered through Samsung.
  • I ordered my S20+ through TMobile on February 22nd. My account was charged on Friday, so I was hopeful. This morning I got an email saying it was leaving Louisville, KY due to me in Florida tomorrow, Tuesday March 2nd, around 2pm
  • Verizon has provided me with a tracking number and said it will ship tomorrow.