Samsung says it's not looking to acquire webOS

Sitting up nights worried that Samsung might hop on the webOS bandwagon and ditch Android? There's about as much chance of that happening as there is of people properly capitalizing webOS. Samsung Electronics Co. CEO Choi Gee Sung apparently said as much this week at IFA, telling reporters "It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion." The Korean manufacturer had been named as a possible licensee of webOS since late June -- long before HP officially started the knife downward.

Works for us. Samsung already makes some fine Android and Windows Phone devices, and it's got its own Bada operating system, too (which graphically looks more and more like Android every day. We really do hate to see webOS continue its downward spiral, but we're also not inclined to argue against natural selection.

Source: Bloomberg; via PreCentral

  • I don't think any of us want to see WebOS Linux alive on any devices anymore. I loved it while I was using it, but Android Linux won and it should be over now. Less fragmentation and more developer share on one, non-IOS/non-MS platform will be a good thing. HOWEVER, I can probably speak for a lot of people when I say there are a few aspects of WebOS that we would LOVE to see come to Android. "Cards" are one of them. Is that part of UI patented? Could it be licensed? Another part is the complete lack of ever needing to be "rooted". You simply click on one menu entry in WebOS and BAM, you are in developer mode and can do whatever you want (sans radio, I think).... and without any worry of "voiding your warranty" or not being able to easily flash your device back to stock with WebOS Doctor. Every time the OS was updated, a new rescue set was quickly made available for use with the multi-platform WebOS Doctor program.
  • I would love to see "cards" implemented into android somehow! Even if its just an app for download. One that works better then itching thumb tho! Wish I was a developer I would give it a shot! Already have wave launcher which is amazing, a true webos like cards app would be stellar!
  • I enjoy the irony of snarking at folks about not being able to properly capitalize "webOS" and then immediately misspelling "Sammsung". This is the trap that the Gods of the internet set for the unwary.
  • LMAO!!! I was just about to post that!!! Funny thing is that mispellings are very common on Phil's blog articles. You know they are bad when even a spell checker can't detect them.
  • Punctuation goes inside quote marks, gods should be lowercase, and Internet should be uppercase. Thank you, drive through. :p
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  • HP is going to have a tough time getting any handset maker to buy a WebOS license when they can get Android for free and Android has a larger installed base on Phones. I could see them selling it outright, patents and all. I can't see there being Antitrust issues if Google bought WebOS. Google could put WebOS on Tablets and Android on Phones.
  • I came to Android from the Palm Pre, and I don't get any satisfaction from webOS being driven into the ground by poor marketing decisions from HP. I like Android, it has a ton of Apps, but if you have used both OS's, you would know webOS is far superior. Android will hopefully get better, but right now, it's not the best user experience. I would ditch Android in a second, Apps or not, for a great Slab device that can actually multitask.
  • I came to Android from AT&T and a Pre + and I agree with you. WebOS was polished and the Cards and multi-tasking were top notch. My Pre + was never unstable, never lagged, never soft rebooted itself, unlike my EVO which went from being reliable with Froyo to unreliable and laggy with Gingerbread. Typing on the EVO screen is frustrating. The lack of onboard storage is simply appalling and having an SD card didn't cure that problem because there are apps that you can't move to the SD Card. I had more apps on my Pre + and hadn't even used half the memory on it. Only reason I bailed was to leave AT&T to come to Sprint. I wasn't going for a Pre Minus and there was no option for a Pre 2 or Pre 3. I'm definitely getting a Touchpad when they become available in Fire sale 2. I hope one of the handset vendor buys WebOS. It would be nice to have that as an option.
  • I am coming from a Pre + that I absolutely loved to the Android market. The lack of apps is the only reason I switched. I sure do miss my Pre and the cards. I hope that Android can catch up with user friendliness that WEBOS had.
  • Is Samsung looking to update its devices in a more timely manor? Any plans on that? Start with my Epic 4G please-fix the damn 4G and get me at Gingerbread
  • The only Samsung Phone I would get is the Nexus S or the Nexus Prime. That's the only way to be sure to get all of the updates in a timely manner. That's the most annoying thing about Android. Waiting for the updates. And then when you get them, will your phone go unstable, as the EVO 4G did? Hopefully not.
  • I wish and hope that someday that Android can pick up Web Os. It will make everything so easier to do on Android. I too came from the Palm Pre and what set everything apart from the rest of the smartphones was it's multitasking power. The card function was sure brilliance. The thing that was lacking was the fact that it didn't have that many apps. Who knows what can happen in the future.
  • I hope Android picks it up also and put it out of its misery.
  • You obviously never used webOS. Don't even try to say you did, it's clear you haven't. Now if your response has something to do with the way I disposed of your Mom, well I'm sorry for that, but one night was enough.
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