Samsung announces new Bluetooth speaker with NFC and apt-X codec support

Samsung has just announced a new set of digital audio equipment, most importantly to us smartphone nerds being a new Bluetooth speaker for pairing with phones and tablets. This newest speaker, model DA-F60, supports both NFC pairing and the apt-X audio codec. This is a not-so-common yet interesting use of NFC, which lets users tap a tablet or phone to the speaker to initiate the bluetooth pairing connection meaning there's no messing around with a manual Bluetooth setup -- pretty neat.

Android Central @ CES

Apt-X, if you're not familiar, is a relatively new audio codec available in some devices that improves the dynamic range and quality of streaming bluetooth audio. The list of supported devices is small but growing -- including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, the HTC One (X, S, V) line and Motorola RAZR (original, HD, Maxx, i, M) line.

We should see a bit more of the new speaker (and Samsung's other offerings) at CES this week, and hopefully have some time to play around with these new ones. No pricing or availability is out just yet, but we should expect those shortly as well.

Source: Samsung (BusinessWire)

Andrew Martonik

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  • Nice! I want one!!!
  • Looks like a gigantic Braun shaver head.
  • hahahaha +9000
  • sounds like what I want, but as you know, a galaxy nexus can hardly afford to have bluetooth on for prolonged use.
  • I like the idea of NFC pairing since it removes that one step. I actually first heard of this with the Beat's pill speaker. I myself have a cheap Craig bluetooth speaker which sounds amazingly well for something I only paid $15 for at Big Lots.
  • I picked up a similar Emerson bluetooth speaker at Menards for $11.99. I'm surprised by how "not horrible" it is.
  • I have a Big Jambox which I absolutely love, but will give this a try also. I hope it's comparable or better. It looks very nice, and a little similar to the Bose Soundlink but more round towards the top. I love Samsung products and I have high hopes for this, if this is around $199 to $249 this is a huge winner.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus not mentioned as compatible. Will this even work with the Galaxy Nexus? What about a Nexus 7 tablet?
  • yeah - im wondering if the nex 7 has apt-x