Samsung quietly announces the Conquer 4G

Ready for a mid range 4G phone on the Sprint network?  If so, it looks like the Samsung Conquer 4G will be right up your alley.  Samsung posted some details about this one on their website today, and it looks to be a solid entry level Android smartphone:

  • 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 3.2MP rear camera, 1.3MP front facing camera
  • Android 2.3 (without TouchWiz and with Sprint ID)
  • Tri-Band CDMA (including the 800MHz frequencies)

While this one won't be in the same league as phones like the EVO 3D, mostly stock Android and a 4G radio make it something to have a look at.  Nobody has mentioned anything about prices or dates just yet, but we imagine Sprint will have something to say soon.

Source: Samsung (opens in new tab) via Phonescoop

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • One hell of a mid range phone!
  • is that a photoshop fail? says it's gonna run 2.3 but that looks like Froyo to me
  • Not a photoshop but that's how sprint id looks. I doubt its gonna have mumany changes in 2.3
  • But it has a Froyo notification bar...
  • I love how this time last year 1ghz was top of the line.
  • why does battery size never make the list of important specs to write about in these quick announcements? Did Android stop having having a crappy battery life all of the sudden and now no one cares about the battery capacity?
  • or RAM??? Shouldn't that always be included????
  • Man oh man, it seems that every carrier except Verizon (dont know about AT&T) has a pretty decent vanilla phone... come on Verizon!
  • This has Sprint ID, so it isn't a vanilla Android phone.
  • They do. Xperia Play. Same internals as the Thunderbolt, though the Playstation controller might throw some people off.
  • Verizon's Xperia Play gets no respect.Shoppers hear "Playstation Phone" and figure it's just for kids.If it traded it's control pad for .3" more screen size people wouldn't stop talking about it.
  • Let's just stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that a 1 GHz Processor is now considered "mid range."
  • next year, it'll be low end....
  • Is it me or is this the transformer...lmao
  • Tri-Band CDMA (including the 800MHz frequencies) why the 800 mhz?
  • Sprint still owns some 800mhz bands... I guess this could make it a really great PHONE.
  • The evo 3D has this as well. Sprint is moving their CDMA network to the 800 mhz spectrum (in which they own) and upgrading to CDMA Advanced (or something like that. still trying to understand all this radio tech lingo). I guess when they finally flip the switch on this thing, They'll push a firmware upgrade to the compatible phones and our Sprint coverage will get much better overnight.
  • According to this report, it has a slider keyboard. Sorry, but I do not want the extra bulk. If it were everything besides that, I would be totally excited. But the pictures show otherwise. Hmmm...
  • Wow! Samsuck has a phone with Gingerbread? Sent from my Samsuck Epic.
  • I have Gingerbread running on my Epic right now. Netflix is nice, by the way... If you're waiting on the carrier, that's on you, not them. It's like bitching about the launcher, the keyboard, or the stock apps. If you aren't smart enough to change them, you deserve what you get, and miss the point of Android completely.
  • Dear Robbailla@$ Well, I had several retorts to your view (none that have not been posted on AC before) but then I remembered the old saying; Who is the greater fool, the fool, or the man that argues with the fool?
  • If I were on Sprint and wanted a vanilla Android phonecI could go with the Nexus S.
  • If I were on Sprint and wanted a vanilla Android phonecI could go with the Nexus S.
  • This will likely be at a more attractive price point.
  • Is this the "full touch 4g" Samsung device that was rumored for Sprint during Q3? :/ I was really hoping for the Galaxy S II.
  • Oh man, I hope you're wrong =/ ...but I have a feeling you're right
  • No, this isn't the full touch 4G Samsung device. The Galaxy S 2 (Within) is coming. Just try to be patient.
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  • Ok, I think we need to stop calling phones like this "mid range". They are HVGA and sub 1 GHz processors (though I realize this does have a 1GHz) are not mid range. They are low range by today's standards. The Motorola triumph that is about to came out would be what I now consider "Mid Range". High range would be dual core phones like the galaxy s II.