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Samsung i927 passes through the FCC, looks to be headed to AT&T

A new Samsung phone has passed through the FCC today, and based on the radios approved it looks to be headed to AT&T -- possibly as the Galaxy S II Attain, or whatever name they have picked out for this one.  Like most FCC documents, all the juicy details are under a confidentiality agreement, but we know for sure this one runs on the 850 and 1900 frequencies, is GSM/GRPS/EGDE/WCDMA/HSPA compatible, and packs a 1500 mAh battery.  Then there's the label location diagram, and this one sure looks like the Galaxy S II we all know and love. 

Why all the confusion?  Well we have seen more than one new Samsung destined for AT&T in the near future -- in a qwerty and non-qwerty version.  Safe money says this will be one of them.  Or maybe it won't.  We do know it's the i927, and someone is now allowed to sell it in the United States.  The rest is anyone's guess.

Source: FCC; via Android Central forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • First post! Any word on specs?
  • Yea. Specs? Probably no info yet but keep us posted. I'm not on AT&T but I'm curious.
  • The VZW Stratosphere just refuses to surface still.. I got excited when I saw Samsung and FCC on the same webpage.
  • According to that BGR report a while back, the i927 is the qwerty version ( Based on the benchmarks they have on their site, the rumors of some Galaxy S2 variant having a Tegra 2 processor, and my own benchmarks on my Atrix (which are actually a little better than this phone with the stock kernel), I would guess that this phone will have the Tegra 2 processor.
  • 2 days later, BGR said that it is not the same phone:
  • Say it ain't so. Why would Samsung release a high end device in a big market like the US with their own, allegedly better, chip set in it? Is there like a supply problem? or am I foolishly overstating the US's worth as a smartphone market?
  • I'm pretty sure your stock atrix does not score 3,000 in quadrant...
  • a bone stock atrix scores around 2500 - 2600 in quadrant
  • You're right on Quadrant (2700 something just a second ago), not sure if the Linpack score was achieved with single thread or multi-thread, but my Linpack score with multi-thread is about 68, which is higher than that screenshot. That's with the stock kernel, stock gingerbread and rooted. Bump the processor speed up to 1.1 ghz, and the scores exceed 3500 on Quadrant. My point is that the scores on those benchmarks are lower than the scores with the Samsung Exynos processor from the GS2 and closer to what I get with the Tegra 2.
  • Ok, someone needs to explain something to me. This is the third time i've seen an FCC document for a SGS2-likely phone for ATT in the past couple of months. reported that the Attain went through the FCC literally like 2 months ago. Then a week or two ago some other fairly reputable tech site (I can't remember who),also posted "new" FCC documents showing a SGS2 ATT phone being approved. This is the third time that allegedly the same phone has gone through...whats going on with that?? I know there is supposed to be the slider and the original coming to ATT, but all three times, the sources were fairly certain it was the SGS2...
  • the first one you saw was a gt-91xx model which is a global phone. the second one was the sgh-i777 which is a galaxy s form phone with att freqs and nfc. the latest is the sgh-i927 which from the pics we've seen which appears to be a gs2 form slider. ATT is rumored to be getting 2 sgs2 models..
  • One of them was a GT model which is not carrier specific. It cleared a couple weeks about and is now officially sold in the US as factory unlocked. Check This fits Samsung's announcing the phone available in the US in August as it is now officially being sold unlocked in the US.
  • My buddie just got one, he signed up for the "dumbphone" plan and switched the 3g sim over to it. It is the baddest phone I have ever seen. Hard to believe that it has been out in the rest of the world for 5 months.
    You would swear there is no battey in the phone it is that light.
  • actually newegg has been selling the sgs2 since july, preceding the announcement of an august release.